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مشترکہ طور پر : Mushtarka Tor Par Meaning in English

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Useful Words

تعاون : Cooperation , حبس والا : Airless , ختم کرنا : Close Out , گھیرلینا : Close In , نزدیک سے : At Close Range , اختتام کر دینا : Close , رکاوٹ ڈالنا : Block , بند ہونا : Close , چپ ہو جانا : Be Quiet , تقریباً : Approximate , قریب : Close , تقریباً : About , قریب پہنچنا : Come Close , کڑی : Close , خارج کر دینا : Close Out , بند کرنا : Block Off , اختتام ہونا : Close , باہوں میں لینا : Cuddle , متصل : At Hand , تھامنا : Cling To , طرف جانا : Approach

Useful Words Definitions

Cooperation: joint operation or action.

Airless: lacking fresh air.

Close Out: terminate.

Close In: surround completely.

At Close Range: very close.

Close: cease to operate or cause to cease operating.

Block: block passage through.

Close: become closed.

Be Quiet: refuse to talk or stop talking; fall silent.

Approximate: be close or similar.

Close: not far distant in time or space or degree or circumstances.

About: (of quantities) imprecise but fairly close to correct.

Come Close: nearly do something.

Close: rigorously attentive; strict and thorough.

Close Out: make impossible, especially beforehand.

Block Off: block off the passage through.

Close: come to a close.

Cuddle: move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position.

At Hand: close in space; within reach.

Cling To: hold firmly, usually with one`s hands.

Approach: move towards.

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