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مُستحِق ہونا : Mustahiq Hona Meaning in English

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1 of 4) مستحق ہونا اہلیت رکھنا حقدار ہونا : Deserve Merit : (verb) be worthy or deserving.

Related : Be : have the quality of being; (copula, used with an adjective or a predicate noun). Have It Coming : deserve (either good or bad).


2 of 4) مستحق ہونا اہلیت حق داری : Deservingness Merit Meritoriousness : (noun) the quality of being deserving (e.g., deserving assistance).

Related : Worthiness : the quality or state of having merit or value.

3 of 4) مستحق ہونا : Have It Coming : (verb) deserve (either good or bad).

Related : Merit : be worthy or deserving.

4 of 4) مستحق ہونا اہل قابل : Deserved Merited : (adjective) properly deserved.

Related : Condign : fitting or appropriate and deserved; used especially of punishment.

Useful Words

نیکی : Merit, Virtue : any admirable quality or attribute. "He pray five times as he is a man of virtue".

نظام اہلیت : Merit System : the system of employing and promoting civil servants on the basis of ability.

عطا کرنا : Award, Grant : give as judged due or on the basis of merit. "The referee awarded a free kick to the team".

نظریہ پرست : Bookworm, Pedant, Scholastic : a person who pays more attention to formal rules and book learning than they merit.

معتبر : Credible : appearing to merit belief or acceptance. "A credible witness".

نا اہل : Good-For-Naught, Good-For-Nothing, Meritless, No-Account, No-Count, No-Good, Sorry : without merit. "A sorry horse".

اعزازی ذکر : Honorable Mention, Mention : an official recognition of merit. "Although he didn`t win the prize he did get special mention".

سورما : Knight : originally a person of noble birth trained to arms and chivalry; today in Great Britain a person honored by the sovereign for personal merit.

تعلیمی وظیفہ یا امداد : Scholarship : financial aid provided to a student on the basis of academic merit.

محنت کے بغیر حاصل شدہ : Unearned : not gained by merit or labor or service. "Accepted the unearned rewards that came his ways as well as the unearned criticism".

غیر مستحق : Unworthy : lacking in value or merit. "Dispel a student whose conduct is deemed unworthy".

قیمتی : Valuable, Worthful : having worth or merit or value. "A valuable friend".

فن پارہ : Work Of Art : art that is a product of one of the fine arts (especially a painting or sculpture of artistic merit).

قیمت : Worthiness : the quality or state of having merit or value.

لائق : Worthy : having qualities or abilities that merit recognition in some way. "You are not worthy of this".

شایان شان طور پر : Worthily : in a worthy manner; with worthiness.

ناحق : Unmerited : not merited or deserved. "Received an unmerited honorary degree".

مضحک طور پر : Laughably, Ludicrously, Preposterously, Ridiculously : so as to arouse or deserve laughter. "Her income was laughably small, but she managed to live well".

لائق ہونا : Earn, Garner : acquire or deserve by one's efforts or actions.

حقیر : Beggarly, Mean : (used of sums of money) so small in amount as to deserve contempt.

غیر مستحق : Undeserving, Unworthy : not deserving. "The undeserving poor".

قابل افسوس : Regrettable, Too Bad : deserving regret. "Regrettable remarks".

قابل ملامت : Damnable, Execrable : deserving a curse. "Her damnable pride".

قصور وار : At Fault : deserving blame. "Admitted to being at fault".

قابل تسلیم : Admissible : deserving to be admitted. "Admissible evidence".

قابل افسوس : Hapless, Miserable, Misfortunate, Pathetic, Piteous, Pitiable, Pitiful, Poor, Wretched : deserving or inciting pity. "A pathetic husband".

قابل مستحق : Meritable, Meritorious : deserving reward or praise. "A lifetime of meritorious service".

نامور : Estimable, Good, Honorable, Respectable : deserving of esteem and respect. "All respectable companies give guarantees".

قابل نفرت : Hateful : evoking or deserving hatred. "No vice is universally as hateful as ingratitude".

لائق سزا : Punishable : liable to or deserving punishment. "Punishable offenses".

مباح : Allowable : deserving to be allowed or considered.

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