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مُتضاد : Mutazad Meaning in English

Mutazad Sentence

Mutazad Synonyms


Mutazad in Detail

1 of 7) متضاد : Contradictory : (noun) two propositions are contradictories if both cannot be true (or both cannot be false) at the same time.

2 of 7) متضاد : Antithetic Antithetical : (satellite adjective) sharply contrasted in character or purpose.

3 of 7) متصادم متضاد : At Odds Conflicting Contradictory Self-Contradictory : (satellite adjective) in disagreement.

4 of 7) متضاد : Antithesis : (noun) exact opposite.

5 of 7) تضاد متضاد : Diametric Diametrical Opposite Polar : (satellite adjective) characterized by opposite extremes; completely opposed.

6 of 7) متضاد : Discrepant Inconsistent : (satellite adjective) not in agreement.

7 of 7) متضاد : Contrary : (noun) a logical relation such that two propositions are contraries if both cannot be true but both can be false.

Useful Words

دونوں : Both : (used with count nouns) two considered together; the two. "What`s happened to both of you?".

خیالی کردار : Character : an imaginary person represented in a work of fiction (play or film or story). "Batman is a very famous fictional character".

پیچیدہ : Confounding : that confounds or contradicts or confuses.

باطل : False : not in accordance with the fact or reality or actuality. "Don`t make false statements".

اگر : If : On the condition that. "Even if it fell off".

دینا : Proffer : a proposal offered for acceptance or rejection. "It was a suggestion we couldn`t refuse".

ارادہ کرنا : Aim : propose or intend. "I aim to arrive at noon".

ویسا ہی : Same : same in identity. "The same thing happened".

تیزی سے : Aggressively : in an aggressive manner. "The inspector advised constables that be careful when you approach the thief because he carries weapon and he may react aggressively after seeing the police".

وقت : Time : a period of time considered as a resource under your control and sufficient to accomplish something. "What time do you get off of work?".

سچ : True : consistent with fact or reality; not false. "It might be true".

دو : 2 : being one more than one. "He received two messages".

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