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Diametrical meaning in Urdu

Diametrical Sentence

Diametrical (or opposite) points of view.

Diametrical Synonyms


Diametrical Definitions

1) Diametrical, Diametric, Opposite, Polar : تضاد, متضاد : (satellite adjective) characterized by opposite extremes; completely opposed.

Useful Words

Hermetic : ہوا بند , Compromise : مفاہمت , Center : بیچ , Halfway : آدھے راستے تک , Moderate : معتدل , Moderateness : اعتدال پسندی , Intermediate : متوسط , Gray : سرمئی , Berg : برفانی تودہ , Centrism : اعتدال پسندی , Musca : عام گھریلو مکھی جس سے بیماریاں پھیلتی ہیں , Action : فعل , Against : مخالف , Antipathetic : مخالف , General : عام , Oppositeness : تضاد , Arbor : درخت , All The Way : تمام , Stark : پوری طرح , Particular : کوئی خاص خوبی , Contrary : خلاف , Rural : دیہاتی علاقے سے متعلق , Adult Female : عورت , Tellurian : زمین سے متعلق , Demolish : تباہ کرنا , Beat : کسی چیز سے تنگ ہوجانا , Black Out : گھپ اندھیرا کرنا , Copacetic : اطمینان بخش , Au Naturel : پورا ننگا , Close In : گھیرلینا , Smother : لپیٹنا

Useful Words Definitions

Hermetic: completely sealed; completely airtight.

Compromise: a middle way between two extremes.

Center: equally distant from the extremes.

Halfway: at a point midway between two extremes.

Moderate: marked by avoidance of extravagance or extremes.

Moderateness: quality of being moderate and avoiding extremes.

Intermediate: lying between two extremes in time or space or state.

Gray: of an achromatic color of any lightness intermediate between the extremes of white and black.

Berg: a large mass of ice floating at sea; usually broken off of a polar glacier.

Centrism: a political philosophy of avoiding the extremes of left and right by taking a moderate position or course of action.

Musca: a small constellation in the polar region of the southern hemisphere near the Southern Cross and Chamaeleon.

Action: something done (usually as opposed to something said).

Against: Contrary to; opposed to.

Antipathetic: (usually followed by `to`) strongly opposed.

General: a fact about the whole (as opposed to particular).

Oppositeness: the relation between opposed entities.

Arbor: tree (as opposed to shrub).

All The Way: completely.

Stark: completely.

Particular: a fact about some part (as opposed to general).

Contrary: very opposed in nature or character or purpose.

Rural: of or relating to the countryside as opposed to the city.

Adult Female: an adult female person (as opposed to a man).

Tellurian: of or relating to or inhabiting the land as opposed to the sea or air.

Demolish: destroy completely.

Beat: wear out completely.

Black Out: darken completely.

Copacetic: completely satisfactory.

Au Naturel: completely unclothed.

Close In: surround completely.

Smother: envelop completely.

Related Words

Different : مختلف

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