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ناکام ہونا : Nakaam Hona Meaning in English

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1. Fail, Go Wrong, Miscarry : ناکام ہونا Nakaam Hona, ناکام رہنا Nakaam Rehna : (verb) be unsuccessful.

Related : Spoil : make a mess of, destroy or ruin. Founder : fail utterly; collapse.

2. Fail, Neglect : ناکام ہونا Nakaam Hona, بتانے سے رہ جانا Batany Se Reh Jana : (verb) fail to do something; leave something undone.

Related : Default On : fail to pay up. Miss : fail to attend an event or activity.

3. Failure : ناکام ہونا Nakaam Hona : (noun) lack of success.

Related : Portion : your overall circumstances or condition in life (including everything that happens to you). Bankruptcy : a state of complete lack of some abstract property.

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