Nonexploratory Nonexplorative Nonexempt Nonetheless Nonesuch Clover Nonesuch Nonentity Nonenterprising Nonextant Nonfigurative Nonflavored Nonflavoured Nonindulgence Nonmalignant Ne... Nonmalignant Tumor Nonmalignant Tu... Nonmeaningful Nonmotile Nonmusical Nonobjective

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1) Madum معدوم Jo Ab Mojud Na Ho جو اب موجود نہ ہو Mari Hui مری ہوئی ; Extinct Nonextant : (adjective) no longer in existence; lost or especially having died out leaving no living representatives.

Useful Words

Especially Particularly Peculiarly Specially : Khas Tor Par خاص طور پر : to a distinctly greater extent or degree than is common. "He was particularly fussy about spelling"

Being Beingness Existence : Wujood وجود : the state or fact of existing. "A point of view gradually coming into being"

Departure Going Going Away Leaving : Rawangi Ka Amal روانگی کا عمل : the act of departing. "Leaving so soon?"

Life Living : Zindagi زندگی : the experience of being alive; the course of human events and activities. "Life is the name of pain and pleasure"

Longer : Der Tak دیر تک : for more time. "I get my baby to sleep longer"

Helpless Lost : Be Chara بے چارہ : unable to function; without help. "Wherever he works, he is given more work than he is responsible for, but he has to do it He is helpless"

No : Inkar انکار : a negative. "No buddy"

Out : Doar دور : away from home. "Get out from there"

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