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نوک دار : Nook Dar Meaning in English

Nook Dar in Sentences

A pointed critique.
The jagged outline of the crags.

Nook Dar Synonyms


Nook Dar in Detail

1 of 3) نوک دار ناہموار کھردرا : Jagged Jaggy Scraggy : (satellite adjective) having a sharply uneven surface or outline.

2 of 3) نوک دار نوکیلا نوکدار : Acuate Acute Needlelike Sharp : (satellite adjective) ending in a sharp point.

3 of 3) نوک دار نوکیلا : Pointed : (adjective) having a point.

Useful Words

ناہمواری : Raggedness , نوکدار بنانا : Acuminate , نوکدار : Jag , کہنی کی ہڈی : Crazy Bone , زخمی : Lacerate , ناہموار : Broken , غیر مساوی طور پر : Unevenly , دندانے بنانا : Indent , گول بنا ہوا : Rounded , پھٹا ہوا : Lacerate , نوکیلے پن سے : Jaggedly , پھٹیچر انداز سے : Raggedly , شکن دار : Crinkled , ناہموار : Patchy , اونچا نیچا پن : Unevenness , دانت والے خانے : Dog's-Tooth Check , لنگڑانا : Hitch , ساحلی کنارا : Coastline , افق واضع : Skyline , جگمگاہٹ : Scintillation , غیر واضع : Bleary , خاکہ بنانا : Draft , بے قرینہ : Asymmetrical , وضع : Configuration , انسانی چہرے کی یک رخی تصویر : Profile , لہراتا : Undulant , واضع : Chiseled , خاکہ : Scenario , نمونہ بنانا : Design , خاکہ : Silhouette , چیرتے ہوئے : Bitingly

Useful Words Definitions

Raggedness: a texture of a surface or edge that is not smooth but is irregular and uneven.

Acuminate: make sharp or acute; taper; make (something) come to a point.

Jag: a sharp projection on an edge or surface.

Crazy Bone: a point on the elbow where the ulnar nerve passes near the surface; a sharp tingling sensation results when the nerve is knocked against the bone.

Lacerate: having edges that are jagged from injury.

Broken: topographically very uneven.

Unevenly: in an uneven and irregular way.

Indent: notch the edge of or make jagged.

Rounded: curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged.

Lacerate: irregularly slashed and jagged as if torn.

Jaggedly: with a ragged and uneven appearance.

Raggedly: in a ragged uneven manner.

Crinkled: uneven by virtue of having wrinkles or waves.

Patchy: irregular or uneven in quality, texture, etc..

Unevenness: the quality of being uneven and lacking uniformity.

Dog's-Tooth Check: textile with a pattern of small broken or jagged checks.

Hitch: the uneven manner of walking that results from an injured leg.

Coastline: the outline of a coast.

Skyline: the outline of objects seen against the sky.

Scintillation: the twinkling of the stars caused when changes in the density of the earth's atmosphere produce uneven refraction of starlight.

Bleary: indistinct or hazy in outline.

Draft: draw up an outline or sketch for something.

Asymmetrical: irregular in shape or outline.

Configuration: any spatial attributes (especially as defined by outline).

Profile: an outline of something (especially a human face as seen from one side).

Undulant: resembling waves in form or outline or motion.

Chiseled: having a clean and distinct outline as if precisely cut along the edges.

Scenario: an outline or synopsis of a play (or, by extension, of a literary work).

Design: the act of working out the form of something (as by making a sketch or outline or plan).

Silhouette: a drawing of the outline of an object; filled in with some uniform color.

Bitingly: extremely and sharply.

Related Words

تیز نوک دار کاٹنے والا اوزار : Sharp , اونچا نیچا : Uneven , ریڑھ دار : Acanthoid , ہرم نما : Pyramidal

Close Words

نوک دار لمبی لال مرچ والا پودا : Capsicum Annuum Longum , نوکیلی بوٹی : Cnidoscolus Urens , نوک دار محراب : Nose Cone , نوک : Acumen , نوک گوش کتا : Spitz , نوک دار تکون : Acute Triangle , خار دار : Acantha , نوک : Tip , نوک دار بلی کو ٹہوکنے کا آلہ یا مشین : Pile Driver , نوک دار پتھر : Breccia , نوکیلی آری : Compass Saw

Close Words Definitions

Capsicum Annuum Longum: plant bearing very hot and finely tapering long peppers; usually red.

Cnidoscolus Urens: a stinging herb of tropical America.

Nose Cone: front consisting of the conical head of a missile or rocket that protects the payload from heat during its passage through the atmosphere.

Acumen: a tapering point.

Spitz: any of various stocky heavy-coated breeds of dogs native to northern regions having pointed muzzles and erect ears with a curled furry tail.

Acute Triangle: a triangle whose interior angles are all acute.

Acantha: any sharply pointed projection.

Tip: the extreme end of something; especially something pointed.

Pile Driver: a machine that drives piling into the ground.

Breccia: a rudaceous rock consisting of sharp fragments embedded in clay or sand.

Compass Saw: a handsaw with a narrow triangular blade for cutting curves.

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