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1 of 8) Sharp, Acutely, Sharply : زیادہ مڑا ہوا : (adverb) changing suddenly in direction and degree.

The road twists sharply after the light.
Turn sharp left here.


2 of 8) Sharp : نوک والی سوئی : (noun) a long thin sewing needle with a sharp point.

If you are chopping vegetables for the first time so be careful because the edge of the knife is very sharp.

Related : Sewing Needle : a needle used in sewing to pull thread through cloth.

3 of 8) Sharp, Acuate, Acute, Needlelike : نوک دار, نوکیلا, نوکدار : (satellite adjective) ending in a sharp point.

Related : Pointed : having a point.

4 of 8) Sharp, Acute, Discriminating, Incisive, Keen, Knifelike, Penetrating, Penetrative, Piercing : بصیرت والا, گہرا, چبھنے والی باریک تیز آواز : (satellite adjective) having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions.

As sharp and incisive as the stroke of a fang.

Related : Perceptive : having the ability to perceive or understand; keen in discernment.

5 of 8) Sharp, Astute, Shrewd : ذی شعور, دانش مند, ہوشیار : (satellite adjective) marked by practical hardheaded intelligence.

Related : Smart : showing mental alertness and calculation and resourcefulness.

6 of 8) Sharp, Abrupt, Precipitous : نشیب, انتہائی ڈھلان : (satellite adjective) extremely steep.

A sharp drop.

7 of 8) Sharp : تیز نوک دار کاٹنے والا اوزار : (adjective) having or made by a thin edge or sharp point; suitable for cutting or piercing.

A sharp knife.
A pencil with a sharp point.

Related : Sharpness : thinness of edge or fineness of point. Carnassial : (of a tooth) adapted for shearing flesh. Incisive : suitable for cutting or piercing.

8 of 8) Sharp : اچانک, تیزی سے : (satellite adjective) very sudden and in great amount or degree.

A sharp drop in the stock market.

Related : Sudden : happening without warning or in a short space of time.

Sharp in Book Titles

Crosswords to Keep You Sharp.
Memoirs of Granville Sharp, Esq.
B. J. Sharp: Early American Migration.
Granville Sharp`s Canon and Its Kin: Semantics and Significance.

Useful Words

Degree, Grade, Level : سطح : a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality. "A moderate grade of intelligence".

Direction, Way : رخ : a line leading to a place or point. "Which way I should go?".

Hanker, Long, Yearn : تڑپنا : desire strongly or persistently. "He was longing to see you".

Needle : سوئی : a sharp pointed implement (usually steel). "The needle got stuck".

Point : نقطہ : a geometric element that has position but no extension. "A point is defined by its coordinates".

Sewing, Stitching : سلائی : joining or attaching by stitches. "Stitching cost will be 850".

All Of A Sudden, Of A Sudden, Suddenly : اچانک : happening unexpectedly. "He has deceived you in recent past so how could you trust him all of a sudden?".

Lose Weight, Melt Off, Reduce, Slenderize, Slim, Slim Down, Thin : وزن کم کرنا : take off weight. "No one buys gold due to high prices but goldsmiths have decided that the price of gold will be reduced to run business".

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