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Novel meaning in Urdu

Novel Definitions

1) Novel : ناول : (noun) an extended fictional work in prose; usually in the form of a story.


Useful Words

Allegory : تمثیل بیان , Saga : رزمیہ داستان , Character : خیالی کردار , Herschel : انگریز ماہر فلکیات , Film : متحرک فلم , Adaptation : ماخوذ , Short Story : چھوٹی کہانی , Prose Poem : نثری نظم , Article : جریدے کا نشر پارہ , Canvas : کینوس , Martian : مریخ سیارے سے متعلق , Captain Horatio Hornblower : فرضی انگریز بحری افسر , Narrator : کہانی سنانے والا , Adventure Story : بہادری کا قصہ , Spin : کہانی لکھنا یا سنانا , Strike : ہڑتال , Horsepower-Hour : ;w;t;v واٹ بجلی کا ۱ گھنٹہ , Lesson : سبق , Love Story : پریم کہانی , Protractible : قابل طول , Labor : محنت مشقت , Ranch House : باڑہ , Gag Line : کسی لطیفے کا مزاحیہ حصہ , Bungalow : ایک منزلہ چھوٹا سا مکان , Lead : اہم خبر , Plot : کہانی , Narrative : قصے پر مبنی , Longitudinal : طویل , Shed : چھجا , Thriller : تجسس خیز کہانی , Fable : قصہ

Useful Words Definitions

Allegory: an expressive style that uses fictional characters and events to describe some subject by suggestive resemblances; an extended metaphor.

Saga: a narrative telling the adventures of a hero or a family; originally (12th to 14th centuries) a story of the families that settled Iceland and their descendants but now any prose narrative that resembles such an account.

Character: an imaginary person represented in a work of fiction (play or film or story).

Herschel: English astronomer (son of William Herschel) who extended the catalogue of stars to the southern hemisphere and did pioneering work in photography (1792-1871).

Film: a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement.

Adaptation: a written work (as a novel) that has been recast in a new form.

Short Story: a prose narrative shorter than a novel.

Prose Poem: prose that resembles poetry.

Article: nonfictional prose forming an independent part of a publication.

Canvas: The backdrop of a narrative or fictional account.

Martian: of or relating to the planet Mars (or its fictional inhabitants).

Captain Horatio Hornblower: a fictional English admiral during the Napoleonic Wars in novels written by C. S. Forester.

Narrator: someone who tells a story.

Adventure Story: a story of an adventure.

Spin: make up a story.

Strike: a group's refusal to work in protest against low pay or bad work conditions.

Horsepower-Hour: a unit of work equal to the work done by one horsepower in one hour.

Lesson: the significance of a story or event.

Love Story: a story dealing with love.

Protractible: able to be extended.

Labor: productive work (especially physical work done for wages).

Ranch House: a one story house with a low pitched roof.

Gag Line: the point of a joke or humorous story.

Bungalow: a small house with a single story.

Lead: a news story of major importance.

Plot: the story that is told in a novel or play or movie etc..

Narrative: consisting of or characterized by the telling of a story.

Longitudinal: over an extended time.

Shed: an outbuilding with a single story; used for shelter or storage.

Thriller: a suspenseful adventure story or play or movie.

Fable: a story about mythical or supernatural beings or events.

Related Words

Fiction : افسانہ , Dime Novel : سنسنی خیز کاغذی جلد والا ناول , Novelette : مختصر ناول