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نُکڑّ : Nukar Meaning in English

Nukar Synonyms


Nukar in Detail

1 of 4) نکڑ : Corner Street Corner Turning Point : (noun) the intersection of two streets.

2 of 4) ملازمت کرنے والا نوکر غلام : Retainer Servant : (noun) a person working in the service of another (especially in the household).

3 of 4) نوکر : Servitor : (noun) someone who performs the duties of an attendant for someone else.

4 of 4) نوکر ملازم : Factotum : (noun) a servant employed to do a variety of jobs.

Useful Words

خلا : Corner , معمولی : Hole-And-Corner , مقام انقطاع : Intersection , سنگ میل : Landmark , چوراہا : Carrefour , اجتناب : Avoidance , گلی : Street , عام آدمی : Joe Bloggs , پتلی گلی : Alley , مرکزی سڑک : High Street , نیویارک شہر میں واقع ایک گلی : Wall St. , صرف ایک طرف سے کھلی گلی : Blind Alley , وہ گلی جو دوسری گلی سے گزرے : Cross Street , بے گھر بچہ : Street Child , لندن کی ایک سڑک جو مالی مرکز کے طور پر مشہور ہے : Lombard Street , لاوارث لڑکا : Gamin , شے : Item , تبصرہ دینا : Comment , نوک بنانا : Point , توجہ دلانا : Call Attention , وقت : Point , اختتامی حد : End Point , راہ دکھانا : Channelise , نقطہ صفر : Zero , موضوع : Point , تشدد کا مقام : Flash Point , آخری حد : Limit , کسی چیز کا درمیانی حصہ : Navel , عزت کا معاملہ : Point Of Honor , نشانہ : Point-Blank , علامت استعجاب : Exclamation Mark

Useful Words Definitions

Corner: a small concavity.

Hole-And-Corner: relating to the peripheral and unimportant aspects of life.

Intersection: a point where lines intersect.

Landmark: an event marking a unique or important historical change of course or one on which important developments depend.

Carrefour: a junction where one street or road crosses another.

Avoidance: deliberately avoiding; keeping away from or preventing from happening.

Street: a thoroughfare (usually including sidewalks) that is lined with buildings.

Joe Bloggs: a hypothetical average man.

Alley: a narrow street with walls on both sides.

High Street: street that serves as a principal thoroughfare for traffic in a town.

Wall St.: a street in lower Manhattan where the New York Stock Exchange is located; symbol of American finance.

Blind Alley: a street with only one way in or out.

Cross Street: a street intersecting a main street (usually at right angles) and continuing on both sides of it.

Street Child: a homeless child especially one forsaken or orphaned.

Lombard Street: a street in central London containing many of the major London banks.

Gamin: (sometimes offensive) a homeless boy who has been abandoned and roams the streets.

Item: a distinct part that can be specified separately in a group of things that could be enumerated on a list.

Comment: make or write a comment on.

Point: give a point to.

Call Attention: point out carefully and clearly.

Point: an instant of time.

End Point: a place where something ends or is complete.

Channelise: direct the course; determine the direction of travelling.

Zero: the point on a scale from which positive or negative numerical quantities can be measured.

Point: the object of an activity.

Flash Point: point at which something is ready to blow up.

Limit: final or latest limiting point.

Navel: the center point or middle of something.

Point Of Honor: a concern that seriously reflects on your honor.

Point-Blank: close enough to go straight to the target.

Exclamation Mark: a punctuation mark (!) used after an exclamation.

Related Words

مزدور : Worker , خدمت گار : Attendant , جہازی خدمت گار : Cabin Boy , گھریلو ملازم : Domestic , خادم : Manservant , گھریلو ملازم : Menial

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