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Nurture meaning in Urdu

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Nurture Definitions

2 of 4) Nurture, Raising, Rearing : بچوں کی تربیت کرنا : (noun) the properties acquired as a consequence of the way you were treated as a child.

3 of 4) Nurture, Breeding, Bringing Up, Fosterage, Fostering, Raising, Rearing, Upbringing : پرورش, تربیت : (noun) helping someone grow up to be an accepted member of the community.

They debated whether nature or nurture was more important.

4 of 4) Nurture, Nourish, Sustain : کھلا پلا کر بڑا کرنا : (verb) provide with nourishment.

Useful Words

Collect : ایک ساتھ لانا , Initiate : شروع ہونا , Bear : دینا , Come Up : جمع کرنا , Amalgamate : ملانا , Bring : لادینا , End : ختم کرنا , Ground : زمین پر لانا , Create : وجود میں لانا , Conciliator : مصالحت کرانے والا , Bring Through : بچا لینا , Come Up : ساتھ لانا , Compass : انجام دینا , Cradle : پالنا , Bring Forth : پیدا کرنا , Complete : ختم کرنا , Bring Forth : پیدا کرنا , Rake Up : کسی چھپی ھوئی چیز کو پھر سے یاد کرنا اور قابل ذکر بنانا , Bring Forth : دکھانے لانا , Bring : لے جانا , Conclude : ختم ہونا , Import : باہر سے لانا , Retrieve : جا کر واپس لینا , Unearth : ظاہر کرنا , Complete : پورا کرنا , Bring On : بازار میں لانا , Adjudicate : فیصلہ ہونا , Attaint : رسوا کروانا , Evocative : یاد آور , Jumble : گڈ مڈ کرنا , Shake : کانپنا

Useful Words Definitions

Collect: get or bring together.

Initiate: bring into being.

Bear: bring forth,.

Come Up: gather or bring together.

Amalgamate: to bring or combine together or with something else.

Bring: go or come after and bring or take back.

End: bring to an end or halt.

Ground: bring to the ground.

Create: bring into existence.

Conciliator: someone who tries to bring peace.

Bring Through: bring into safety.

Come Up: bring forth, usually something desirable.

Compass: bring about; accomplish.

Cradle: bring up from infancy.

Bring Forth: bring forth or yield.

Complete: come or bring to a finish or an end.

Bring Forth: bring into existence.

Rake Up: bring to light.

Bring Forth: bring out for display.

Bring: bring into a different state.

Conclude: bring to a close.

Import: bring in from abroad.

Retrieve: go for and bring back.

Unearth: bring to light.

Complete: bring to a whole, with all the necessary parts or elements.

Bring On: bring onto the market or release.

Adjudicate: bring to an end; settle conclusively.

Attaint: bring shame or dishonor upon.

Evocative: serving to bring to mind.

Jumble: bring into random order.

Shake: bring to a specified condition by or as if by shaking.

Related Words

Acculturation : دوسری ثقافت کو قبول کرنا , Cater : فراہم کرنا , Fledge : اڑنے کے قابل ہونے تک پالنا , Grow Up : بڑا ہونا

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