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Nutmeg meaning in Urdu

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1) Nutmeg : جائفل : (noun) hard aromatic seed of the nutmeg tree used as spice when grated or ground.

Nutmeg good for health.

Related : Mace : spice made from the dried fleshy covering of the nutmeg seed.

Useful Words

Mace : مرچ : spice made from the dried fleshy covering of the nutmeg seed.

Clove : لونگ : aromatic flower bud of a clove tree; yields a spice. "If you have cough use clove tea for relief".

Cacao Bean, Cocoa Bean : کوکو کا بیج : seed of the cacao tree; ground roasted beans are source of chocolate. "Cocoa bean helps reduce inflammation".

Cinnamon, Cinnamon Bark : دار چینی : aromatic bark used as a spice. "Cinnamon is loaded with nutrients that your body will greatly benefit from".

Coffee, Coffee Bean, Coffee Berry : کافی کا بیج : a seed of the coffee tree; ground to make coffee.

Pyrene : پھلوں کے اندر پائی جانے والی گٹھلی : the small hard nutlet of a drupe or drupelet; the seed and the hard endocarp that surrounds it.

Horseradish, Horseradish Root : یورپی اروی کی جڑ : the root of the horseradish plant; it is grated or ground and used for seasoning.

Gleditsia Triacanthos, Honey Locust : کانٹے دار امریکی پودا : tall usually spiny North American tree having small greenish-white flowers in drooping racemes followed by long twisting seed pods; yields very hard durable reddish-brown wood; introduced to temperate Old World.

Nut : خشک میوا : usually large hard-shelled seed. "Nuts are good source of energy".

Pip : سیب وغیرہ کے بیج : a small hard seed found in some fruits.

Walnut : اخروٹ : nut of any of various walnut trees having a wrinkled two-lobed seed with a hard shell. "Walnut does not break easily".

Poppy Seed : خشخاش کے بیج : small grey seed of a poppy flower; used whole or ground in baked items.

Curry Powder : سالن بنانے کا سفوف : pungent blend of cumin and ground coriander seed and turmeric and other spices.

Seeder : بیج بونے والی مشین : a mechanical device that sows grass seed or grain evenly over the ground.

Endocarp, Pit, Stone : گٹھلی : the hard inner (usually woody) layer of the pericarp of some fruits (as peaches or plums or cherries or olives) that contains the seed. "Remove the stones".

Seedling : بیج سے پیدا ہو نے والا پودا : young plant or tree grown from a seed.

Almond : بادام : oval-shaped edible seed of the almond tree. "I have an almond".

Mango : آم : large oval tropical fruit having smooth skin, juicy aromatic pulp, and a large hairy seed. "Mango season is about to end".

Apple Nut, Ivory Nut, Vegetable Ivory : ایک قسم کا بیج : nutlike seed of a South American palm; the hard white shell takes a high polish and is used for e.g. buttons. "Apple nut on sale".

Mace, Macebearer, Macer : عصا بردار : an official who carries a mace of office.

Mastic : درخت سے نکلنے والا گوند جو وارنش بنانے کے کام آتا ہے : an aromatic exudate from the mastic tree; used chiefly in varnishes.

Allspice, Allspice Tree, Pimenta Dioica, Pimento Tree : گوندنی والا مغربی انڈین درخت : aromatic West Indian tree that produces allspice berries. "Allspice is an Indian tree".

Camphor Tree, Cinnamomum Camphora : شجرکافور : large evergreen tree of warm regions whose aromatic wood yields camphor.

Anime, Zanzibar Copal : سخت گوند والا افریقی درخت : a hard copal derived from an African tree.

African Mahogany : افریقی درخت : African tree having hard heavy odorless wood.

Aalii : ہوائی کا ایک درخت : a small Hawaiian tree with hard dark wood. "Aalii is a Hawaiian tree".

Sea Ash, Toothache Tree, Zanthoxylum Americanum, Zanthoxylum Fraxineum : پیلے پھولوں والا ایک چھوٹا درخت : small deciduous aromatic shrub (or tree) having spiny branches and yellowish flowers; eastern North America. "The toothache tree was used medicinally by the Native American tribes".

Olive : زیتون کا درخت : hard yellow often variegated wood of an olive tree; used in cabinetwork.

Acrocarpus Fraxinifolius, Shingle Tree : شنگل کا درخت : East Indian timber tree with hard durable wood used especially for tea boxes.

Logwood : سرخ لکڑی : very hard brown to brownish-red heartwood of a logwood tree; used in preparing a purplish red dye.

African Sandalwood, Baphia Nitida, Camwood : افریقی صندل : small shrubby African tree with hard wood used as a dyewood yielding a red dye.

Nutmeg in Book Titles

Nutmeg, and a Touch of Spice: The Story of Cairnhill Road.
The Robert and Meredith Green Collection of Silver Nutmeg Graters.
Nutmeg and Barley: A Budding Friendship.

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