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1 of 2) Oasis : نخلستان, نخلہ : (noun) a fertile tract in a desert (where the water table approaches the surface).

Related : Desert : arid land with little or no vegetation. Tract : an extended area of land.

2 of 2) Oasis, Haven : ٹھکانا : (noun) a shelter serving as a place of safety or sanctuary.

Related : Shelter : a structure that provides privacy and protection from danger.

Oasis in Book Titles

Secrets of the Oasis.
Oasis of Wisdom: The Worlds of the Desert Fathers and Mothers.
Oasis: A Novel by Willard Robertson.

Useful Words

A, Angstrom, Angstrom Unit : میٹر کا دس ارب واں حصہ : a metric unit of length equal to one ten billionth of a meter (or 0.0001 micron); used to specify wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation.

Abandon, Desert, Desolate, Forsake : چھوڑ دینا : leave someone who needs or counts on you; leave in the lurch. "He deserted me".

Fertile : اگانے کے قابل : capable of reproducing.

Place, Spot, Topographic Point : جگہ : a point located with respect to surface features of some region. "This is a nice place for a picnic".

Safety : بچاو : the state of being certain that adverse effects will not be caused by some agent under defined conditions. "Wear safety shoes before being deployed as a security guard".

Sanctuary : مقدس مقام : a consecrated place where sacred objects are kept.

Shelter : محفوظ جگہ : a structure that provides privacy and protection from danger. "Shelter home in Sindh for flood victims".

Surface : سطح : the outer boundary of an artifact or a material layer constituting or resembling such a boundary. "There is a special cleaner for these surfaces".

Table : میز : a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs. "The food was placed on the table".

Parcel, Parcel Of Land, Piece Of Ground, Piece Of Land, Tract : زمین کا قطعہ : an extended area of land.

Water : پانی : a liquid necessary for the life of most animals and plants. "May I bring water for you ?".

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