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Obscene   Meaning in Urdu

1. Obscene : بیہودہ - فحش : designed to incite to indecency or lust.

The dance often becomes flagrantly obscene.

2. Obscene - Abhorrent - Detestable - Repugnant - Repulsive : ناگوار - گھناونا : offensive to the mind.

The obscene massacre at Wounded Knee.

3. Obscene - Lewd - Raunchy - Salacious : شہوت پرست - بد سلیقہ : suggestive of or tending to moral looseness.

Obscene telephone calls.

Dirty - (of behavior or especially language) characterized by obscenity or indecency.

Useful Words

Designed - Intentional : کسی مقصد کے لئے بنایا گیا : done or made or performed with purpose and intent. "Styleis more than the deliberate and designed creation"

Incite - Instigate - Set Off - Stir Up : بھڑکانا : provoke or stir up. "Incite a riot"

Indecency : ناشائستگی : the quality of being indecent.

Mind : برا منانا : be offended or bothered by; take offense with, be bothered by. "Didn`t you mind ?"

Offence - Offense - Offensive : حملہ : the action of attacking an enemy.

ہم تین بہن بھائی ہیں