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1 of 2) Obsessed, Haunted, Preoccupied, Taken Up : دیوانہ, خبطی : (satellite adjective) having or showing excessive or compulsive concern with something.

Was absolutely obsessed with the girl.
She is obsessed in worry for the young boy.

2 of 2) Obsessed, Possessed : جذبے کے زیر اثر, شوق کے زیر اثر : (satellite adjective) influenced or controlled by a powerful force such as a strong emotion.

By love obsessed.

Useful Words

Solicitousness : فکر مندی , Concernedly : فکر مندی سے , Blithe : بے فکری سے , Considerate : بامروت , Altruistic : دوسروں کی بھلائی چاہنے والا , Interested : دلچسپی رکھنے والا , Indifferent : لا تعلق , Obsess : وہمی ہونا , Compulsively : مجبوراً , Crazy : کسی کے پیچھے پاگل , Workaholic : کام کرنے کا عادی , Absorption : ذہن پر سوار ہونے کا عمل , Absently : غائب دماغی سے , Fixation : خبط , Doctrinal : متعلق بہ نظریہ , Betting : بازیگر , Compulsive : عادی , Introvert : شرمیلا , Anxiety : پریشانی , Carelessly : لا پروائی سے , Affair : معاملہ , Easygoingness : بے فکری , Bugaboo : تشویش کا باعث , Care : فکر , Hyperthyroidism : گلھڑ کا مرض , Burden : بوجھ , Affairs : معاملات , Otherworldliness : علم روحانی , Deflection : انحراف , Solicitous : متردد , Care : پروا کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Solicitousness: a feeling of excessive concern.

Concernedly: in a manner showing concern.

Blithe: lacking or showing a lack of due concern.

Considerate: showing concern for the rights and feelings of others.

Altruistic: showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others.

Interested: having or showing interest; especially curiosity or fascination or concern.

Indifferent: showing no care or concern in attitude or action.

Obsess: be preoccupied with something.

Compulsively: in a compulsive manner.

Crazy: intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with.

Workaholic: person with a compulsive need to work.

Absorption: the mental state of being preoccupied by something.

Absently: in an absentminded or preoccupied manner.

Fixation: an unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone.

Doctrinal: relating to or involving or preoccupied with doctrine.

Betting: preoccupied with the pursuit of pleasure and especially games of chance.

Compulsive: a person with a compulsive disposition; someone who feels compelled to do certain things.

Introvert: (psychology) a person who tends to shrink from social contacts and to become preoccupied with their own thoughts.

Anxiety: (psychiatry) a relatively permanent state of worry and nervousness occurring in a variety of mental disorders, usually accompanied by compulsive behavior or attacks of panic.

Carelessly: without care or concern.

Affair: a vaguely specified concern.

Easygoingness: being without worry or concern.

Bugaboo: a source of concern.

Care: a cause for feeling concern.

Hyperthyroidism: an overactive thyroid gland; pathologically excessive production of thyroid hormones or the condition resulting from excessive production of thyroid hormones.

Burden: an onerous or difficult concern.

Affairs: matters of personal concern.

Otherworldliness: concern with things of the spirit.

Deflection: a turning aside (of your course or attention or concern).

Solicitous: full of anxiety and concern.

Care: feel concern or interest.

Related Words

Concerned : فکرمند , Controlled : محدود

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