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1 of 2 : حماقت Himaqat : Infatuation : (noun) a foolish and usually extravagant passion or love or admiration.

Related : Passionateness


Infatuation in Book Titles

Infatuation: the crescent and the vermilion.
Scientism: Philosophy and the Infatuation with Science.
A Midnight Infatuation.
Infatuation: A Little Harmless Military Romance.

Useful Words

Admiration Esteem : تعریف Tareef : a feeling of delighted approval and liking.

Adolescent Stripling Teen Teenager : بلوغت کی طرف بڑھتا ہوا Balughat Ki Taraf Barhta Huwa : a juvenile between the onset of puberty and maturity.

Extravagant Prodigal Profligate Spendthrift : فضول خرچ Fuzul Kharch : recklessly wasteful. "Extravagant woman"

Foolish : بے وقوف Be Waqoof : devoid of good sense or judgment. "Foolish remarks"

Love : پیار Pyaar : a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. "Have you ever fallen in love with someone?"

Passion Passionateness : جوش Josh : a strong feeling or emotion. "His passion abated"

Impermanent Temporary : ناپائیدار Napaidar : not permanent; not lasting. "Politics is an impermanent factor of life"

Commonly Normally Ordinarily Unremarkably Usually : عام طور پر Aam Tor Par : under normal conditions. "Usually she was late"

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