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1 of 3) On : چالو Chalo : (adjective) in operation or operational.

Left the oven on.
The switch is in the on position.


2 of 3) On : آگے کی طرف Agay Ki Taraf : (adverb) with a forward motion.

We drove along admiring the view.
The horse trotted along at a steady pace.+ More

English Synonym(s) : Along

3 of 3) On : مجوزہ Majuza : (adjective) (of events) planned or scheduled.

The picnic is on, rain or shine.
We have nothing on for Friday night.

On in Idioms

Blow The Whistle On : To report something scandalous.

Be Thin On Top : To be balding thinning hair on the top.

Count Something On The Fingers Of One Hand : Something happens rarely.

Set Your Teeth On Edge : To irritate or annoy someone.

New Kid On The Block : The newest member in a group.

Useful Words

Ahead Forrader Forward Forwards Onward Onwards : آگے کی طرف Agay Ki Taraf : in a forward direction. "I drop you ahead"

Gesture Motion : حرکت Harkat : the use of movements (especially of the hands) to communicate familiar or prearranged signals. "The motion of her hand made me realize that she did not want me to be there so I left"

Operation : کارروائی Karwai : the state of being in effect or being operative. "That rule is no longer in operation"

Functional Operable Operational Usable Useable : قابل استعمال Qabil E Estamal : fit or ready for use or service. "The toaster was still functional even after being dropped"