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1 of 2) Opaqueness, Opacity : ابہام : (noun) incomprehensibility resulting from obscurity of meaning.

2 of 2) Opaqueness, Opacity : دھندلا پن : (noun) the quality of being opaque to a degree; the degree to which something reduces the passage of light.

Related : Softness : the quality of being indistinct and without sharp outlines. Quality : an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone. Opaque : not transmitting or reflecting light or radiant energy; impenetrable to sight.

Useful Words

Enamel : چمکدار روغن : a colored glassy compound (opaque or partially opaque) that is fused to the surface of metal or glass or pottery for decoration or protection.

Appreciation, Grasp, Hold : مہارت : understanding of the nature or meaning or quality or magnitude of something. "He has a good grasp of accounting practices".

Impenetrability, Impenetrableness : کند ذہنیت : incomprehensibility by virtue of being too dense to understand.

Struggling : زور آزما اور جدوجہد میں لگا ھوا : engaged in a struggle to overcome especially poverty or obscurity. "A financially struggling theater".

Clarity, Clearness, Limpidity, Lucidity, Lucidness, Pellucidity : صفائی : free from obscurity and easy to understand; the comprehensibility of clear expression.

Intensifier, Intensive : شدت کا حامل : a modifier that has little meaning except to intensify the meaning it modifies. "`up' in `finished up' is an intensifier".

Antonym, Opposite, Opposite Word : لفظ جو دوسرے لفظ کی ضد ہو : a word that expresses a meaning opposed to the meaning of another word, in which case the two words are antonyms of each other. "To him the antonym of `gay` was `depressed`".

Semiopaque : نیم شفاف : partially opaque.

Leucoma, Leukoma : آنکہوں پر سفید داغ پڑنا : eye disease consisting of an opaque white spot on the cornea.

Flint : چقماق : a hard kind of stone; a form of silica more opaque than chalcedony.

Shade, Shadiness, Shadowiness : سایہ : relative darkness caused by light rays being intercepted by an opaque body. "It is much cooler in the shade".

Radiology, Radioscopy : لاشعاعی معائنہ : (radiology) examination of the inner structure of opaque objects using X rays or other penetrating radiation.

Homonymy : لفظوں کا ہم ہجہ ہونا : the relation between two words that are spelled the same way but differ in meaning or the relation between two words that are pronounced the same way but differ in meaning. "Bank is an example of homonymy is these sentences: "river bank" and "savings bank"".

Decency : معقولیت : the quality of conforming to standards of propriety and morality; the quality of being polite and respectable. "He entered without a spark of decency".

Call : کہنا : ascribe a quality to or give a name of a common noun that reflects a quality. "He called me a bastard".

Ability : صلاحیت : the quality of being able to perform; a quality that permits or facilitates achievement or accomplishment. "We hired you because of your ability to design houses, but you already messed up the measurement in your first try to make a sketch of house".

Window Shade : کھڑکی کا پردہ : an opaque window blind that can cover or uncover a window.

Detergence, Detergency : صفائی : detergent quality; the quality of having cleansing power.

Apprehend, Compass, Comprehend, Dig, Get The Picture, Grasp, Grok, Savvy : سمجھ لینا : get the meaning of something. "Do you comprehend the meaning of this letter?".

Ambiguous : ذو معنی : having more than one possible meaning. "Ambiguous words".

Purposeful : معنی دار : having meaning through having an aim. "Led a happy purposeful life".

Meaningful : معنی خیز : having a meaning or purpose. "A meaningful smile".

Synonymous : ہم معنی : (of words) meaning the same or nearly the same.

Pithy, Sententious : مختصر اور جامع : concise and full of meaning. "Welcomed her pithy comments".

Cabalistic, Cryptic, Cryptical, Kabbalistic, Qabalistic, Sibylline : مخفی : having a secret or hidden meaning. "Cabalistic symbols engraved in stone".

Drift, Purport : مطلب : the pervading meaning or tenor. "Purport meaning in oxford dictionary".

Bunk, Hokum, Meaninglessness, Nonsense, Nonsensicality : بکواس : a message that seems to convey no meaning. "She talks a lot of nonsense".

Semanticist, Semiotician : ماہر علم المعانی : a specialist in the study of meaning.

Understand : سمجھنا : know and comprehend the nature or meaning of. "How do I make you understand ?".

Intent, Purport, Spirit : مفہوم : the intended meaning of a communication. "Purported document".

Meaningless, Nonmeaningful : بے معنی : having no meaning or direction or purpose. "A meaningless endeavor".

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