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Orchestra meaning in Urdu

Orchestra Sentence

These boys are members of orchestra.

Orchestra Definitions

1) Orchestra : موسیقی بجانے والوں کا گروہ : (noun) a musical organization consisting of a group of instrumentalists including string players.


Useful Words

Band : بینڈ باجے , Cantata : مذہبی اوپیرہ , Concerto Grosso : باروق موسیقی , Concerto : گروہی ترتیب , Orchestral : سازینے سے متعلق , String Section : ایک قسم کا تار والا ساز , Baton : چھڑی , Karaoke : مشہور گانے گانا جیسے شراب خانوں میں , Apron : تھیٹر کا پیش منظر , Going To Jerusalem : ایک کرسی کھیل جو موسیقی کے ساتھ کھیلا جاتا ہے , Fellow Member : رکن , A-Team : اعلی درجے کے لوگ , Yo-Yo : چکری ایک کھلونا , Latchstring : دروازے کے سوراخ باہر نکلی ہوئی رسی جوباہر دروازہ کہولنے کے لئے کام آتی ہے , Kite : پتنگ , Hip Pad : کولہے کا پیڈ , Conductor : رہنما , Fall In : جوڑنا , Hockey Stick : ہاکی , Infiltrate : خفیہ طور پر کسی تنظیم وغیرہ میں شامل ہونا , Belong : تعلق ہونا , Denomination : فرقہ , Social Unit : گروہ , Boycott : بائیکاٹ , Conglomerate : کئی کمپنیوں پر مشتمل کمپنی , Society : معاشرہ , Wing : حصہ , Reovirus : تنفسی انٹرک یتیم وائرس , Maffia : خفیہ تنظیم , Adenovirus : نظام تنفس کا وائرس , Salad : سلاد

Useful Words Definitions

Band: instrumentalists not including string players.

Cantata: a musical composition for voices and orchestra based on a religious text.

Concerto Grosso: a baroque composition for orchestra and a group of solo instruments.

Concerto: a composition for orchestra and a soloist.

Orchestral: relating to or composed for an orchestra.

String Section: the section of an orchestra that plays stringed instruments.

Baton: a thin tapered rod used by a conductor to lead an orchestra or choir.

Karaoke: singing popular songs accompanied by a recording of an orchestra (usually in bars or nightclubs).

Apron: the part of a modern theater stage between the curtain and the orchestra (i.e., in front of the curtain).

Going To Jerusalem: a child's game in which players march to music around a group of chairs that contains one chair less than the number of players; when the music abruptly stops the players scramble to sit and the player who does not find a chair is eliminated; then a chair is removed and the march resumes until only the winner is seated.

Fellow Member: one of the persons who compose a social group (especially individuals who have joined and participate in a group organization).

A-Team: a group of elite soldiers or a leadership group of advisors or workers in an organization.

Yo-Yo: a toy consisting of a spool that is reeled up and down on a string by motions of the hand.

Latchstring: opener consisting of a string that can be passed through a hole in a door for raising the latch from outside.

Kite: plaything consisting of a light frame covered with tissue paper; flown in wind at end of a string.

Hip Pad: protective garment consisting of a pad worn by football and hockey players.

Conductor: the person who leads a musical group.

Fall In: become part of; become a member of a group or organization.

Hockey Stick: sports implement consisting of a stick used by hockey players to move the puck.

Infiltrate: enter a group or organization in order to spy on the members.

Belong: be a member, adherent, inhabitant, etc. (of a group, organization, or place).

Denomination: a group of religious congregations having its own organization and a distinctive faith.

Social Unit: an organization regarded as part of a larger social group.

Boycott: a group`s refusal to have commercial dealings with some organization in protest against its policies.

Conglomerate: a group of diverse companies under common ownership and run as a single organization.

Society: an extended social group having a distinctive cultural and economic organization.

Wing: a group within a political party or legislature or other organization that holds distinct views or has a particular function.

Reovirus: any of a group of non-arboviruses including the rotavirus causing infant enteritis.

Maffia: a secret terrorist group in Sicily; originally opposed tyranny but evolved into a criminal organization in the middle of the 19th century.

Adenovirus: any of a group of viruses including those that in humans cause upper respiratory infections or infectious pinkeye.

Salad: food mixtures either arranged on a plate or tossed and served with a moist dressing; usually consisting of or including greens.

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