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1 of 2) Ordinary : معمولی : (adjective) not exceptional in any way especially in quality or ability or size or degree.

Ordinary everyday objects.
Ordinary decency.+ More

Related : Ordinariness : the quality of being commonplace and ordinary. Common : having no special distinction or quality; widely known or commonly encountered; average or ordinary or usual. Usual : occurring or encountered or experienced or observed frequently or in accordance with regular practice or procedure.

2 of 2) Ordinary, Average : عام : (satellite adjective) lacking special distinction, rank, or status; commonly encountered.

The ordinary (or common) man in the street.

Related : Common : having no special distinction or quality; widely known or commonly encountered; average or ordinary or usual.

Ordinary in Book Titles

In Quest of the Ordinary: Lines of Skepticism and Romanticism.
Ordinary Cities: Between Modernity and Development.
Ordinary People.

Useful Words

Ability : صلاحیت : the quality of being able to perform; a quality that permits or facilitates achievement or accomplishment. "We hired you because of your ability to design houses, but you already messed up the measurement in your first try to make a sketch of house".

Any : کوئی : to any degree or extent. "It isn`t any great thing".

Commonly, Normally, Ordinarily, Unremarkably, Usually : عام طور پر : under normal conditions. "Usually she was late".

Degree, Grade, Level : سطح : a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality. "A moderate grade of intelligence".

Especially, Particularly, Peculiarly, Specially : خاص طور پر : to a distinctly greater extent or degree than is common. "He was particularly fussy about spelling".

Exceeding, Exceptional, Olympian, Prodigious, Surpassing : نہایت : far beyond what is usual in magnitude or degree. "A night of exceeding darkness".

Deficient, Lacking, Wanting : کم : inadequate in amount or degree. "A deficient education".

Non, Not : نہیں : negation of a word or group of words. "Will not go like that".

Character, Lineament, Quality : خوبی : a characteristic property that defines the apparent individual nature of something. "What quality does it possess ?".

Size : حجم : the physical magnitude of something (how big it is). "A wolf is about the size of a large dog".

Particular, Peculiar, Special : مخصوص : unique or specific to a person or thing or category. "The particular demands of the job".

Way : رستہ : any artifact consisting of a road or path affording passage from one place to another. "I`m on the way".

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