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Outflank meaning in Urdu

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Outflank Definitions

1 of 2) Outflank, Go Around : دشمن کی فوج کو گھیر لینا : (verb) go around the flank of (an opposing army).

2 of 2) Outflank, Best, Outdo, Scoop, Trump : جیتنا, بہتر کام کرنا : (verb) get the better of.

Useful Words

Defect : اپنی فوج چھوڑ کر دوسری میں شامل ہونا , Adverse Witness : مخالف گواہ , Adverse : الٹا , Confrontation : محاز آرائی , Enemy : حریف , Opposition : مزاحمت , Allow : کسی کام کو کرنے دینا , Fanaticism : انتہائی تعصب , 1-Hitter : ایک قسم کا کھیل , Dichotomise : دو پر تقسیم کرنا , Schism : تفرقہ , 2-Hitter : دو شارٹ کا کھیل , Malocclusion : بے ترتیب دانت , Blood Feud : قبائلی جھگڑا , Breach : ناچاقی , 5-Hitter : پانچ شارٹ کا کھیل , Battle : جنگ , 4-Hitter : چار شارٹ کا کھیل , Defiant : بےباک , No-Hit Game : ایک کھیل , 3-Hitter : تین شارٹ کا کھیل , Wrestle : مقابلہ کرنا , Battle : لڑائی , Regressive : رجعت پسند , Check : رکاوٹ ڈالنا , Enemy : دشمن , Narrow-Mindedness : تنگ نظری , Counteractive : دافع , No Man's Land : مخالف فوجوں کے درمیان کا خالی علاقہ , Conservatism : قدامت پسندی , German Army : جرمنی کی فوج

Useful Words Definitions

Defect: desert (a cause, a country or an army), often in order to join the opposing cause, country, or army.

Adverse Witness: a witness whose relationship to the opposing party is such that his or her testimony may be prejudiced against the opposing party.

Adverse: in an opposing direction.

Confrontation: the act of hostile groups opposing each other.

Enemy: an opposing military force.

Opposition: the action of opposing something that you disapprove or disagree with.

Allow: allow the presence of or allow (an activity) without opposing or prohibiting.

Fanaticism: excessive intolerance of opposing views.

1-Hitter: a game in which a pitcher allows the opposing team only one hit.

Dichotomise: divide into two opposing groups or kinds.

Schism: division of a group into opposing factions.

2-Hitter: a game in which a pitcher allows the opposing team only 2 hits.

Malocclusion: (dentistry) a condition in which the opposing teeth do not mesh normally.

Blood Feud: a feud in which members of the opposing parties murder each other.

Breach: a personal or social separation (as between opposing factions).

5-Hitter: a game in which a pitcher allows the opposing team 5 hits.

Battle: a hostile meeting of opposing military forces in the course of a war.

4-Hitter: a game in which a pitcher allows the opposing team 4 hits.

Defiant: boldly resisting authority or an opposing force.

No-Hit Game: a game in which a pitcher allows the opposing team no hits.

3-Hitter: a game in which a pitcher allows the opposing team only 3 hits.

Wrestle: combat to overcome an opposing tendency or force.

Battle: an open clash between two opposing groups (or individuals).

Regressive: opposing progress; returning to a former less advanced state.

Check: block or impede (a player from the opposing team) in ice hockey.

Enemy: an armed adversary (especially a member of an opposing military force).

Narrow-Mindedness: an inclination to criticize opposing opinions or shocking behavior.

Counteractive: opposing or neutralizing or mitigating an effect by contrary action.

No Man's Land: an unoccupied area between the front lines of opposing armies.

Conservatism: a political or theological orientation advocating the preservation of the best in society and opposing radical changes.

German Army: the army of the Germany.

Related Words

Beat : شکست دینا , Outmaneuver : ماہرانا حکمت عملی سے شکست دینا , Go : سفر کرنا

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