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Outmaneuver meaning in Urdu

Outmaneuver Sentence

The English troops outmaneuvered the Germans in war.

Outmaneuver Synonyms

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Outmaneuver in Detail

1) Outmaneuver, Outmanoeuvre, Outsmart : ماہرانا حکمت عملی سے شکست دینا : (verb) defeat by more skillful maneuvering.

His new supervisor knows how to outmaneuver the boss in most situations.

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Useful Words

Chuck Up The Sponge, Drop By The Wayside, Drop Out, Fall By The Wayside, Give Up, Quit, Throw In, Throw In The Towel : دست بردار ہونا : give up in the face of defeat of lacking hope; admit defeat. "In the second round, the challenger gave up".

Heartbreaker : معمولی شکست : a narrow defeat or a defeat at the last minute. "It was a heartbreaker".

Maneuverable, Manoeuvrable : نقل و حرکت کے قابل : capable of maneuvering or changing position. "A highly maneuverable ship".

Handy : ماہر : skillful with the hands. "Handy with an axe".

Practiced, Practised : ماہر : skillful after much practice.

Ambidextrous, Two-Handed : دو ہتھیا : equally skillful with each hand. "An ambidextrous surgeon".

Demon : ماہر : someone extremely diligent or skillful. "He worked like a demon to finish the job on time".

Coordination : ربط : the skillful and effective interaction of movements.

Deft, Dexterous, Dextrous : ماہر : skillful in physical movements; especially of the hands. "A deft waiter".

Adeptness, Adroitness, Deftness, Facility, Quickness : پھرتی : skillful performance or ability without difficulty. "His quick adeptness was a product of good design".

Delicacy, Diplomacy, Discreetness, Finesse : مہارت : subtly skillful handling of a situation.

Adroit : ماہر : quick or skillful or adept in action or thought. "An exceptionally adroit pianist".

Haute Cuisine : کھانا پکانے کا طریقہ : (French) an elaborate and skillful manner of preparing food. "She is well versed in haute cuisine".

Metalwork, Metalworking : دھات کا کام : the activity of making things out of metal in a skillful manner.

Mop Up, Pip, Rack Up, Whip, Worst : کشتی میں مخالفین کو شکست سے دو چار کر دینا : defeat thoroughly. "He mopped up the floor with his opponents".

Debacle, Drubbing, Slaughter, Thrashing, Trouncing, Walloping, Whipping : مکمل شکست : a sound defeat.

Demolish, Destroy : شکست دینا : defeat soundly. "The home team demolished the visitors".

Rout : شکست فاش : an overwhelming defeat.

Unbeatable : ناقابل شکست : hard to defeat. "An unbeatable ball team".

Concede : ہار ماننا : acknowledge defeat. "The candidate conceded after enough votes had come in to show that he would lose".

Cheat, Chicane, Chouse, Jockey, Screw, Shaft : جل دینا : defeat someone through trickery or deceit.

Giving Up, Surrender, Yielding : ہار مان لینا : a verbal act of admitting defeat.

Domination, Mastery, Supremacy : فوقیت : power to dominate or defeat. "Mastery of the seas".

Challenger, Competition, Competitor, Contender, Rival : حریف : the contestant you hope to defeat. "He had respect for his rivals".

Wallop : شکست دینا : defeat soundly and utterly. "We'll wallop them!".

Upset : غیر متوقع شکست دینا : defeat suddenly and unexpectedly. "The foreign team upset the local team".

Outplay : کھیل میں ہرا دینا : excel or defeat in a game. "The Knicks outplayed the Lakers".

Lost Cause : ناکام کوشش : a defeated cause or a cause for which defeat is inevitable.

Counterinsurgency, Pacification : مزحمت کے خلاف عمل : actions taken by a government to defeat insurgency.

Indomitability, Invincibility : ناقابل شکست : the property being difficult or impossible to defeat.

Limited War : محدود جنگ : a war whose objective is less than the unconditional defeat of the enemy.

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