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1 of 4) Overcome, Defeat, Get The Better Of : قابو پانا : (verb) win a victory over.

You must overcome all difficulties.

2 of 4) Overcome, Get Over, Master, Subdue, Surmount : سبقت لے جانا, فتح پانا : (verb) get on top of; deal with successfully.

3 of 4) Overcome, Overpower, Overtake, Overwhelm, Sweep Over, Whelm : دبا دینا : (verb) overcome, as with emotions or perceptual stimuli.

4 of 4) Overcome, Get The Best, Have The Best : زیر کر دینا : (verb) overcome, usually through no fault or weakness of the person that is overcome.

Useful Words

Boggle : حیرت میں ڈالنا , Appease : دبانا , Conquer : غلبہ پانا , Get : تباہ ہونا , Convulse : ہنسنا , Invincible : ناقابل شکست , Agonistic : بحث کرنے والا , Bedaze : دنگ کر دینا , Panic : گھبرانہ , Defeated : ہارا ہوا , Overmaster : مغلوب ہوجانا , Conquerable : قابل تسخیر , Surmountable : قابل فتح , Mulishness : اڑیل پن , Impregnable : جو حاملہ ہو سکے , Irretrievable : ناقابل تلافی , Unconquerable : ناقابل فتح , Struggling : زور آزما اور جدوجہد میں لگا ھوا , Domesticate : مانوس کرنا , Wrestle : مقابلہ کرنا , Bioremediation : حیاتیاتی عمل کے ذریعے ماحولیاتی مسائل کا حل , Tragedy : المیہ , Alger : امریکی مصنف ہوریشو , Chuck Up The Sponge : دست بردار ہونا , Heartbreaker : معمولی شکست , Hooray : خوشی کا نعرہ , Blowout : آسان جیت , Checkmate : مکمل جیت , Walk-In : پکی جیت , Win : جیت , Overturn : حیرت انگیز جیت

Useful Words Definitions

Boggle: overcome with amazement.

Appease: overcome or allay.

Conquer: overcome by conquest.

Get: overcome or destroy.

Convulse: be overcome with laughter.

Invincible: incapable of being overcome or subdued.

Agonistic: striving to overcome in argument.

Bedaze: overcome as with astonishment or disbelief.

Panic: be overcome by a sudden fear.

Defeated: beaten or overcome; not victorious.

Overmaster: overcome by superior force.

Conquerable: subject to being conquered or overcome.

Surmountable: capable of being surmounted or overcome.

Mulishness: the trait of being difficult to handle or overcome.

Impregnable: incapable of being overcome, challenged or refuted.

Irretrievable: impossible to recover or recoup or overcome.

Unconquerable: not capable of being conquered or vanquished or overcome.

Struggling: engaged in a struggle to overcome especially poverty or obscurity.

Domesticate: overcome the wildness of; make docile and tractable.

Wrestle: combat to overcome an opposing tendency or force.

Bioremediation: the branch of biotechnology that uses biological process to overcome environmental problems.

Tragedy: drama in which the protagonist is overcome by some superior force or circumstance; excites terror or pity.

Alger: United States author of inspirational adventure stories for boys; virtue and hard work overcome poverty (1832-1899).

Chuck Up The Sponge: give up in the face of defeat of lacking hope; admit defeat.

Heartbreaker: a narrow defeat or a defeat at the last minute.

Hooray: a victory cheer.

Blowout: an easy victory.

Checkmate: complete victory.

Walk-In: an assured victory (especially in an election).

Win: a victory (as in a race or other competition).

Overturn: an improbable and unexpected victory.

Related Words

Clutch : گرفت میں ہونا , Demolish : شکست دینا , Beat : شکست دینا , Wallop : شکست دینا , Upset : غیر متوقع شکست دینا , Arouse : ظاہر کرنا , Benight : تاریک ہونا

Close Words

Overcomer : غالب

Close Words Definitions

Overcomer: someone who overcomes and establishes ascendancy and control by force or persuasion.

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