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پر زور طور پر : Par Zor Tor Par Meaning in English

Par Zor Tor Par Synonyms

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Useful Words

متصادم : At Odds, Conflicting, Contradictory, Self-Contradictory : in disagreement. "The figures are at odds with our findings".

فرق : Betting Odds, Odds : the ratio by which one better's wager is greater than that of another. "He offered odds of two to one".

بےکار چیزوں کا مرکب : Farrago, Gallimaufry, Hodgepodge, Hotchpotch, Melange, Mingle-Mangle, Mishmash, Oddments, Odds And Ends, Omnium-Gatherum, Ragbag : a motley assortment of things. "Its a mingle-mangle of old stones of inconsistent patterns".

روشن امکان : Odds-On : having a better than even chance of success. "The odds-on favorite".

تھیلا : Catchall : an enclosure or receptacle for odds and ends.

بیشک : Clearly : without doubt or question. "They were clearly lost".

یقینی : Certain : established beyond doubt or question; definitely known. "What is certain is that every effect must have a cause".

فیصلہ کن : Conclusive : forming an end or termination; especially putting an end to doubt or question. "Conclusive proof".

جرح کرنا : Cross Examine, Cross Question : question closely, or question a witness that has already been questioned by the opposing side. "He posted a cross question".

بے شک : Doubtless, Doubtlessly, Undoubtedly : without doubt; certainly. "It`s undoubtedly very beautiful".

بلاشبہ : Assuredly : without a doubt. "The grammar schools were assuredly not intended for the gentry alone".

شک : Distrust, Misgiving, Mistrust, Suspicion : doubt about someone`s honesty. "Trend of distrust in police".

شکی : Doubting, Questioning, Sceptical, Skeptical : marked by or given to doubt. "Questioning boy".

یقین کے بارے میں شک ہونا : Disbelief, Incredulity, Mental Rejection, Skepticism : doubt about the truth of something.

پختہ : Implicit, Unquestioning : being without doubt or reserve. "Implicit trust".

باوثوق : Unimpeachable : beyond doubt or reproach. "An unimpeachable source".

مشکوک : Doubtful, Dubious, Dubitable, In Question : open to doubt or suspicion. "The candidate's doubtful past".

شاید : Peradventure : doubt or uncertainty as to whether something is the case. "This proves beyond peradventure that he is innocent".

ممکنہ طور پر : Belike, In All Likelihood, In All Probability, Likely, Probably : with considerable certainty; without much doubt. "Most probably his flight will land after an hour".

یقیناً : All Right, Alright : without doubt (used to reinforce an assertion). "It's expensive all right".

جس میں شک کی کوئی گنجائش نہ ہو : Indisputable, Sure : impossible to doubt or dispute. "Indisputable (or sure) proof".

شک : Debatable, Problematic, Problematical : open to doubt or debate. "If you ever get married, which seems to be extremely problematic".

مشکوک : Doubtful, Dubious : fraught with uncertainty or doubt. "They were doubtful that the cord would hold".

اعتماد : Assurance, Authority, Confidence, Self-Assurance, Self-Confidence, Sureness : freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities. "He told me with self-confidence".

خراب کرنا : Cloud, Corrupt, Defile, Sully, Taint : place under suspicion or cast doubt upon. "Sully someone's reputation".

بغیر سوال کیے : Easily : without question. "Easily the best book she's written".

ناقابل اعتراض طریقے سے : Unimpeachably, Unquestionably : without question. "Fred Winter is unquestionably the jockey to follow".

مطمئن : Certain, Sure : having or feeling no doubt or uncertainty; confident and assured. "Felt certain of success".

جھجکنا : Boggle : hesitate when confronted with a problem, or when in doubt or fear.

سوچنا : Question, Wonder : place in doubt or express doubtful speculation. "I wonder whether this was the right thing to do".

بے فکر : Secure, Unafraid, Untroubled : free from fear or doubt; easy in mind. "He was secure that nothing will be held against him".

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