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پسپا کرنا : Paspa Karna Meaning in English

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1) پیچھے دھکا دینا واپس دھکیلنا پسپا کرنا : Beat Back Drive Force Back Push Back Repel Repulse : (verb) cause to move back by force or influence.

Related : Push : move with force.


Useful Words

پیچھے : Back, Backward, Backwards, Rearward, Rearwards : at or to or toward the back or rear. "Get back".

ادھر ادھر : Back And Forth, Backward And Forward, To And Fro : moving from one place to another and back again. "The treetops whipped to and fro in a frightening manner".

پیچھے ہٹنا : Back Away, Back Out, Crawfish, Crawfish Out, Pull Back, Pull In One's Horns, Retreat, Withdraw : make a retreat from an earlier commitment or activity. "Don`t back out ok".

کمر پٹی : Back Brace : a brace worn to support the back.

نفسیاتی دوا : Acid, Back Breaker, Battery-Acid, Dose, Dot, Elvis, Loony Toons, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Pane, Superman, Window Pane, Zen : street name for lysergic acid diethylamide.

کم ترجیح : Back Burner : reduced priority. "Dozens of cases were put on the back burner".

اندرونی پسماندہ علاقہ : Back Country, Backwoods, Boondocks, Hinterland : a remote and undeveloped area. "He comes from hinterland".

خفیہ طریقے سے : Back Door, Backdoor : a secret or underhand means of access (to a place or a position). "He got his job through the back door".

دستبردار ہونا : Back Down, Back Off, Back Up : move backwards from a certain position. "The bully had to back down".

پچھلا حصہ : Back End, Backside, Rear : the side of an object that is opposite its front. "His room was toward the rear of the hotel".

پشت کی ورزش : Back Exercise : exercise designed to strengthen the back muscles.

فٹ بال اہلکار : Back Judge : a football official.

ضمیمہ : Back Matter, End Matter : written matter following the main text of a book.

بستہ : Back Pack, Backpack, Haversack, Knapsack, Packsack, Rucksack : a bag carried by a strap on your back or shoulder. "We have a fantastic range of backpacks".

پیچھے کا دروازہ : Back Room : a room located in the rear of an establishment; usually accessible only to privileged groups.

آری : Back Saw, Backsaw : a handsaw that is stiffened by metal reinforcement along the upper edge.

پتلی گلی : Alley, Alleyway, Back Street : a narrow street with walls on both sides. "He escaped through the alley".

گستاخانہ جواب : Back Talk, Backtalk, Lip, Mouth, Sass, Sassing : an impudent or insolent rejoinder. "You sass me!".

مدد کرنا : Back Up, Support : give moral or psychological support, aid, or courage to. "She supported him during the illness".

جو شخص مشہور نہ ہوا ہو : Back-Number, Has-Been : someone who is no longer popular. "He was a has-been actor".

ایک کے بعد ایک : Back-To-Back, Consecutive : one after the other. "Consecutive attacks on Ukraine".

پھینٹنا : Beat, Scramble : stir vigorously. "I`m beating the egg".

تیزی سے پسپائی اختیار کر لینا : Beat A Retreat : depart hastily.

شدت سے تلاش کرنا : Beat About, Cast About, Cast Around : search anxiously.

گول مول بات کرنا : Beat Around The Bush, Equivocate, Palter, Prevaricate, Tergiversate : be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or withhold information.

قائل کرلینا : Bargain Down, Beat Down : persuade the seller to accept a lower price. "She beat the merchant down $100".

کسی کام کو بار بار مشق کرکے سیکھنا : Beat In, Drill In, Hammer In, Ram Down : teach by drills and repetition.

جمع کرنا : Beat Up, Drum Up, Rally : gather. "Whenever the shia community rallies in Pakistan, the Pakistani government shuts down the mobile network".

صحت یاب ہونا : Bounce Back, Get Over, Get Well : improve in health. "You will get well soon".

سخت محنت کرنا : Break One's Back, Buckle Down, Knuckle Down, Slave : work very hard, like a slave.

واپس بھیجنا : Bring Back, Return, Take Back : bring back to the point of departure.

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