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Push Back   Meaning in Urdu

1. Push Back - Rollback : واپس آنے کا عمل : (noun) the act of forcing the enemy to withdraw.

Offence, Offense, Offensive - the action of attacking an enemy.

2. Push Back - Beat Back - Drive - Force Back - Repel - Repulse : پیچھے دھکا دینا - واپس دھکیلنا : (verb) cause to move back by force or influence.

Push back the urge to smoke.

Force, Push - move with force.

Useful Words

Act - Deed - Human Action - Human Activity : کام : something that people do or cause to happen. "Whose act is this?"

Back - Backward - Backwards - Rearward - Rearwards : پیچھے : at or to or toward the back or rear. "Get back"

Cause - Get - Have - Induce - Make - Stimulate : آمادہ کرنا : cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner. "The ads induced me to buy a VCR"

Enemy : حریف : an opposing military force. "The enemy attacked at dawn"

Force - Impel : زبردستی کرنا : urge or force (a person) to an action; constrain or motivate. "Please don`t force me"

Act Upon - Influence - Work : زیر اثر : have and exert influence or effect. "The artist's work influenced the young painter"

Move : ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ جانا : change residence, affiliation, or place of employment. "Ali bhai moved to USA with his family"

Draw - Draw Off - Take Out - Withdraw : نکالنا : remove (a commodity) from (a supply source). "She has withdrawn the money"

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