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1. Passage, Transition : نقل مکانی - ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ میں نقل مقانی کرنے کا عمل : (Noun) The act of passing from one state or place to the next.

2. Passage : پیراگراف : (Noun) A section of text; particularly a section of medium length.

Text, Textual Matter - the words of something written.

3. Passage : رستہ : (Noun) A way through or along which someone or something may pass.

Adit - a nearly horizontal passage from the surface into a mine.

4. Passage, Enactment : وضع قانون : (Noun) The passing of a law by a legislative body.

Lawmaking, Legislating, Legislation - the act of making or enacting laws.

5. Passage, Transit : بحری سفر - بحری جہاز کا سفر : (Noun) A journey usually by ship.

The outward passage took 10 days.

Journey, Journeying - the act of traveling from one place to another.

6. Passage, Passageway : نالی : (Noun) A path or channel or duct through or along which something may pass.

The nasal passages.

Anatomical Structure, Bodily Structure, Body Structure, Complex Body Part, Structure - a particular complex anatomical part of a living thing.

7. Passage, Handing Over : انتقال : (Noun) The act of passing something to another person.

Bringing, Delivery - the act of delivering or distributing something (as goods or mail).

Act, Deed, Human Action, Human Activity - کام - something that people do or cause to happen; "Whose act is this?".

Length - لمبائی - the linear extent in space from one end to the other; the longest dimension of something that is fixed in place; "the length of the table was 5 feet".

Medium, Metier - پیشہ - an occupation for which you are especially well suited; "in law he found his true metier".

Following, Next - آنے والا - immediately following in time or order; "The following day".

One - ایک - a single person or thing; "Do I say one thing if you dont mind?".

Especially, Particularly, Peculiarly, Specially - خاص طور پر - to a distinctly greater extent or degree than is common; "he was particularly fussy about spelling".

Pass, Passing, Qualifying - کامیابی - success in satisfying a test or requirement; "his future depended on his passing that test".

Berth, Billet, Office, Place, Position, Post, Situation, Spot - اسامی - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury".

Incision, Section, Surgical Incision - کسی تیز اوزار سے کسی جسمانی حصے کو کاٹنا - the cutting of or into body tissues or organs (especially by a surgeon as part of an operation).

State - حالت - the way something is with respect to its main attributes; "I know the state of your heart".

Text, Textual Matter - لکھائی - the words of something written; "But he texts me".

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