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Paying meaning in Urdu

Paying Sentence

A paying job.

Paying Synonyms

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Paying in Detail

1 of 2) Paying, Gainful, Paid : مفید, نفع بخش : (satellite adjective) yielding a fair profit.

Related : Profitable : yielding material gain or profit.


Useful Words

Attentive, Heedful, Paying Attention, Thoughtful : توجہ دینے والا : taking heed; giving close and thoughtful attention. "Heedful of the warnings".

Unremunerative : غیر فائدہ بخش : not yielding profit or recompense. "An unremunerative occupation".

Profitable : نفع بخش : yielding material gain or profit. "Profitable speculation on the stock market".

Booming, Flourishing, Palmy, Prospering, Prosperous, Roaring, Thriving : ترقی پاتا : very lively and profitable. "Fourishing businesses".

Lean : غیر نفع بخش : not profitable or prosperous. "A lean business last year".

Utilizable : قابل استعمال : capable of being put to a profitable or practical use.

Wrongful : ناجائز : not just or fair. "A wrongful act".

Fd : منصفانہ سودا : Fair Deal. "He does fair deal (FD)".

Justice, Justness : انصاف : the quality of being just or fair. "He was wronged and he knocked on the door of the law but he did not ask Allah for justice".

Acquainted : واقف : having fair knowledge of. "They were acquainted".

Blond, Blonde : گوری رنگت اور سنہری بال والا : a person with fair skin and hair. "The blonde girl of London".

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