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1. Payoff, Bribe : رشوت : (Noun) Payment made to a person in a position of trust to corrupt his judgment.

I refused to give a bribe.
We don`t accept payoffs.

Payment - a sum of money paid or a claim discharged.

2. Payoff, Reward, Wages : صلہ دینا - بدلہ : (Noun) A recompense for worthy acts or retribution for wrongdoing.

The wages of sin is death.
Virtue is its own reward.

Aftermath, Consequence - the outcome of an event especially as relative to an individual.

3. Payoff, Issue, Proceeds, Return, Take, Takings, Yield : منافع - پیداوار : (Noun) The income or profit arising from such transactions as the sale of land or other property.

The average return was about 5%.

Income - the financial gain (earned or unearned) accruing over a given period of time.

Act, Deed, Human Action, Human Activity - کام - something that people do or cause to happen; "Whose act is this?".

Corrupt, Spoil - مسخ کرنا - alter from the original.

Hello, Hi, How-Do-You-Do, Howdy, Hullo - ہیلو - an expression of greeting; "every morning they exchanged polite hellos".

Assessment, Judgement, Judgment - فیصلہ - the act of judging or assessing a person or situation or event; "they criticized my judgment of the contestants".

Made - بنایا ہوا - produced by a manufacturing process; "bought some made goods at the local store; rope and nails".

Defrayal, Defrayment, Payment - ادائی خرچ - the act of paying money.

Individual, Mortal, Person, Somebody, Someone, Soul - شخص - a human being; "The person who I told you about".

Berth, Billet, Office, Place, Position, Post, Situation, Spot - اسامی - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury".

Compensation, Recompense - تلافی کا عمل - the act of compensating for service or loss or injury.

Payback, Retribution, Vengeance - بدلہ - the act of taking revenge (harming someone in retaliation for something harmful that they have done) especially in the next life; "For vengeance I would do everything".

Trust, Trustfulness, Trustingness - اعتبار - the trait of believing in the honesty and reliability of others; "the experience destroyed his trust and personal dignity".

Worthy - محترم شخص - an important, honorable person (word is often used humorously); "he told his story to some conservative worthies".

Actus Reus, Misconduct, Wrongdoing, Wrongful Conduct - غلط عمل - activity that transgresses moral or civil law; "he denied any wrongdoing".

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