1. Penetration, Insight : بصیرت : (Noun) Clear or deep perception of a situation.

Perception - knowledge gained by perceiving.

2. Penetration : آر پار داخل ہونے کا عمل - داخل ہونے کا عمل : (Noun) The act of entering into or through something.

The penetration of upper management by women.

Entering, Entrance, Entry, Incoming, Ingress - the act of entering.

Act, Deed, Human Action, Human Activity - کام - something that people do or cause to happen; "Whose act is this?".

Clear, Open - کھلا - a clear or unobstructed space or expanse of land or water; "finally broke out of the forest into the open".

Deep, Oceanic Abyss, Trench - گہری نالی - a long steep-sided depression in the ocean floor.

Entering, Entrance, Entry, Incoming, Ingress - آمد کا راستہ - the act of entering; "she made a grand entrance".

Perception, Sensing - احساس - becoming aware of something via the senses.

Berth, Billet, Office, Place, Position, Post, Situation, Spot - اسامی - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury".

Something - کچھ - An undetermined or unspecified thing; "Something went wrong with the car".

Through - رواں - (of a route or journey etc.) continuing without requiring stops or changes; "a through street".

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