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Peninsula meaning in Urdu

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Peninsula in Detail

1) Peninsula : جزیرہ نما سمندر کا ایک کنارہ : (noun) a large mass of land projecting into a body of water.

Related : Peloponnesus : the southern peninsula of Greece; dominated by Sparta until the 4th century BC. Arabian Peninsula : a peninsula between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf; strategically important for its oil resources.

Peninsula in Book Titles

Recollections of the Peninsula.
A Series of Maps Illustrative of the Campaigns in the Peninsula.
History of the War in the Peninsula.
Vegetation of the Arabian Peninsula.

Useful Words

Body, Organic Structure, Physical Structure : جسم : the entire structure of an organism (an animal, plant, or human being). "He felt as if his whole body were on fire".

Down, Land, Shoot Down : مار گرانا : shoot at and force to come down. "Syria shot down Turkish aircraft".

Big, Large : وسیع : above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent. "I don`t have such a big job".

Aggregate, Aggregated, Aggregative, Mass : مجموعی : formed of separate units gathered into a mass or whole. "Aggregate expenses include expenses of all divisions combined for the entire year".

Water : پانی : a liquid necessary for the life of most animals and plants. "May I bring water for you ?".