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Percent meaning in Urdu

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How much percentage did you get.

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Percent Definitions

1) Percent, Pct, Per Centum, Percentage : فیصد, پرسنٹیج : (noun) a proportion in relation to a whole (which is usually the amount per hundred).

Useful Words

Spelter : تجارتی جست جو کی چادروں کی صورت میں ہوتا ھے , Atomic Number 7 : نائٹروجن , High-Interest : زیادہ سود والا , Interest : سود , Deduction : منہائی , Commission : دلالی کا معاوضہ , Pro Rata : تناسب کے ساتھ , Commensurateness : موافقت , Humidity : نمی , Human Relationship : تعلق , Interest Rate : شرح سود , Disproportional : غیر متناسب , Absentee Rate : غیر حاضر ملازمین کی شرح , Rake-Off : غنڈہ ٹیکس , Brininess : نمکینی , Ad Val : قیمت کے مطابق , Disproportion : عدم تناسب , Homely : بد صورت , Service Charge : سروس چارج , Proportional Representation : سیاسی جماعتوں کی نمائندگی , Percent Sign : فیصد کا نشان , Deuterium Oxide : ایٹمی پانی , Better-Looking : عمدہ , 110 : ایک سو دس , 120 : ایک سو بیس , 101 : ایک سو ایک , 300 : تین سو , 105 : ایک سو پانچ , 115 : ایک سو پندرا , Advance Death Benefit : موت کا پیشگی معاوضہ , 160 : ایک سو ساٹھ

Useful Words Definitions

Spelter: impure zinc containing about three percent lead and other impurities (especially in the form of ingots).

Atomic Number 7: a common nonmetallic element that is normally a colorless odorless tasteless inert diatomic gas; constitutes 78 percent of the atmosphere by volume; a constituent of all living tissues.

High-Interest: (used of loans) charging a relatively large percentage of the amount borrowed.

Interest: a fixed charge for borrowing money; usually a percentage of the amount borrowed.

Deduction: a reduction in the gross amount on which a tax is calculated; reduces taxes by the percentage fixed for the taxpayer`s income bracket.

Commission: a fee for services rendered based on a percentage of an amount received or collected or agreed to be paid (as distinguished from a salary).

Pro Rata: pro rata is a Latin term meaning "in proportion." It is used to describe a proportional allocation or distribution of something based on a specific factor, such as time, amount, or share.

Commensurateness: the relation of corresponding in degree or size or amount.

Humidity: Humidity refers to the amount of moisture or water vapor present in the air. It is a measure of the atmospheric moisture content and is expressed as a percentage. Humidity plays a significant role in our daily lives and can impact various aspects of our comfort, health, and the environment.

Human Relationship: a relation between people; (`relationship` is often used where `relation` would serve, as in `the relationship between inflation and unemployment`, but the preferred usage of `relationship` is for human relations or states of relatedness).

Interest Rate: the percentage of a sum of money charged for its use.

Disproportional: out of proportion.

Absentee Rate: the percentage of workers who do not report to work.

Rake-Off: a percentage (of winnings or loot or profit) taken by an operator or gangster.

Brininess: the relative proportion of salt in a solution.

Ad Val: in proportion to the estimated value of the goods taxed.

Disproportion: lack of proportion; imbalance among the parts of something.

Homely: lacking in physical beauty or proportion.

Service Charge: a percentage of a bill (as at a hotel or restaurant) added in payment for service.

Proportional Representation: representation of all parties in proportion to their popular vote.

Percent Sign: a sign (`%`) used to indicate that the number preceding it should be understood as a proportion multiplied by 100.

Deuterium Oxide: water containing a substantial proportion of deuterium atoms, used in nuclear reactors.

Better-Looking: pleasing in appearance especially by reason of conformity to ideals of form and proportion.

110: being ten more than one hundred.

120: being ten more than one hundred ten.

101: being one more than one hundred.

300: being one hundred more than two hundred.

105: being five more than one hundred.

115: being five more than one hundred ten.

Advance Death Benefit: a percentage of death benefits paid directly to policy holders having a short life expectancy (usually 6 months).

160: being ten more than one hundred fifty.

Related Words

Proportion : تناسب

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