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Pinata Meaning in Urdu

1. Pinata : ایک برتن یا مورتی عموماً مٹی کی بنی ہوئی چمک دار نقش و نگار کے ساتھ : (noun) plaything consisting of a container filled with toys and candy; suspended from a height for blindfolded children to break with sticks.

Plaything, Toy - an artifact designed to be played with.

Useful Words

Blindfold - Blindfolded : آنکہوں پر پٹی پہنانا : wearing a blindfold.

Break - Bump - Demote - Kick Downstairs - Relegate : درجہ کم کرنا : assign to a lower position; reduce in rank. "She was demoted because she always speaks up"

Candy - Glaze - Sugarcoat : ٹافی : coat with something sweet, such as a hard sugar glaze.

Container : ڈبہ : any object that can be used to hold things (especially a large metal boxlike object of standardized dimensions that can be loaded from one form of transport to another).

Height - Tallness : بلندی : the vertical dimension of extension; distance from the base of something to the top.

Plaything - Toy : کھلونا : an artifact designed to be played with.

Stick - Sting : پھنس جانا : saddle with something disagreeable or disadvantageous. "I got stuck now"

Plaything - Toy : کھلونا : an artifact designed to be played with.

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