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Ping 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

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Ping in Detail

1. جھنکار Jhankar تیز آواز Tez Awaz : Ping : (noun) a sharp high-pitched resonant sound (as of a sonar echo or a bullet striking metal).

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Useful Words

Bullet Slug : بندوق کی گولی Bandooq Ki Goli : a projectile that is fired from a gun. "Bullet caught his arm"

Echo Replication Reverberation Sound Reflection : گونج Gounj : the repetition of a sound resulting from reflection of the sound waves. "She could hear echoes of her own footsteps"

High : زیادہ Zyada : a lofty level or position or degree. "You are bidding high"

Metal Metallic Element : دھات Dhat : any of several chemical elements that are usually shiny solids that conduct heat or electricity and can be formed into sheets etc..

Resonant Resonating Resounding Reverberating Reverberative : گونج دار Gounj Dar : characterized by resonance. "A resonant voice"

Acuate Acute Needlelike Sharp : نوک دار Nook Dar : ending in a sharp point.

Sound : آواز Awaz : the particular auditory effect produced by a given cause. "Voice isn`t getting through"

Dramatic Spectacular Striking : دلکش Dilkash : sensational in appearance or thrilling in effect. "A spectacular scenery"

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