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آگاہ کرنا : Aagah Karna Meaning in English

Aagah Karna in Sentences

Kindly apprise me before going to Karachi.
Notify him.

Aagah Karna Synonyms


Aagah Karna in Detail

2 of 3) آگاہ کرنا : Apprise Apprize Instruct : (verb) make aware of.

3 of 3) آگاہ کرنا : Acquaint : (verb) inform.

Useful Words

خبردار کرنا : Warn , استاد شاگرد کا تعلق : Academic Relation , یقین دلانا : Assure , فہرست بنانا : List , دھیان دینا : Mark , قابل ذکر : Noteworthy , نوٹس لینے والا : Noticer , قابل قدر : Notable , حقیر : Insignificant , پر نمود : Ostentatious , دباو : Imperativeness , موقوفی کا حکم نامہ : Marching Orders , عیاں کرنا : Patent , دھیان : Attentiveness , موت کا نوٹس : Necrology , باضابطہ اعلان : Proclamation , استعفی : Resignation , میعادی کھاتہ : Time Deposit , امانت کھاتہ : Deposit Account , تیز نظر : Observant , چھوڑ دینا : Break , مہیا کرنا : Furnish , دینا : Allot , حق دینا : Entitle , نصیحت کرنا : Advise , لگادینا : Assign , تقریر کرنا : Address , خوراک دینا : Aliment , خطاب دینا : Dub , تشریح کرنا : Depict , دینا : Generate

Useful Words Definitions

Warn: notify of danger, potential harm, or risk.

Academic Relation: a professional relation between instructors and those they instruct.

Assure: inform positively and with certainty and confidence.

List: give or make a list of; name individually; give the names of.

Mark: notice or perceive.

Noteworthy: worthy of notice.

Noticer: someone who takes notice.

Notable: worthy of notice.

Insignificant: not worthy of notice.

Ostentatious: intended to attract notice and impress others.

Imperativeness: the state of demanding notice or attention.

Marching Orders: (informal) a notice of dismissal or discharge.

Patent: make open to sight or notice.

Attentiveness: paying particular notice (as to children or helpless people).

Necrology: a notice of someone's death; usually includes a short biography.

Proclamation: the formal act of proclaiming; giving public notice.

Resignation: a formal document giving notice of your intention to resign.

Time Deposit: a certificate of deposit from which withdrawals can be made only after advance notice or at a specified future date.

Deposit Account: a savings account in which the deposit is held for a fixed term or in which withdrawals can be made only after giving notice or with loss of interest.

Observant: quick to notice; showing quick and keen perception.

Break: give up.

Furnish: give something useful or necessary to.

Allot: give out.

Entitle: give the right to.

Advise: give advice to.

Assign: attribute or give.

Address: give a speech to.

Aliment: give nourishment to.

Dub: give a nickname to.

Depict: give a description of.

Generate: give or supply.

Related Words

ہدایات دینا : Direct , خاص معلومات دینا : Brief , اطلاع دینا : Inform

Close Words

آگاہ : Conversant , واقف : Aware , باخبر : Informed , باخبر : Hep , واقف : Acquainted , آگاہ : Advised , آگاہ : Conscious , آگاہ ہونا : Awaken , آگاہ : Alive

Close Words Definitions

Conversant: (usually followed by `with`) well informed about or knowing thoroughly.

Aware: (sometimes followed by `of`) having or showing knowledge or understanding or realization or perception.

Informed: having much knowledge or education.

Hep: informed about the latest trends.

Acquainted: having fair knowledge of.

Advised: having received information.

Conscious: (followed by `of') showing realization or recognition of something.

Awaken: make aware.

Alive: (followed by `to' or `of') aware of.

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