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Pitch meaning in Urdu


Pitch Sentences

Pitch a tent.
His pitch fell short and his hat landed on the floor.

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Pitch in Detail

1 of 9 : Pitch, Flip, Sky, Toss : پھینکنا : (verb) throw or toss with a light motion.


2 of 9 : Pitch, Lurch, Shift : ڈھلکنا : (verb) move abruptly.

3 of 9 : Pitch : گرنا : (verb) fall or plunge forward.

She pitched over the railing of the balcony.

4 of 9 : Pitch, Rake, Slant : جہول, جھکاوٴ : (noun) degree of deviation from a horizontal plane.

The roof had a steep pitch.

5 of 9 : Pitch, Hawk, Huckster, Monger, Peddle, Vend : جگہ جگہ بیچنا : (verb) sell or offer for sale from place to place.

6 of 9 : Pitch, Tar : تار کول, گاڑھا اور سیاہ مادہ : (noun) any of various dark heavy viscid substances obtained as a residue.

7 of 9 : Pitch, Set Up : کھڑا کرنا : (verb) erect and fasten.

8 of 9 : Pitch, Deliver : پھینکنا : (verb) throw or hurl from the mound to the batter, as in baseball.

The pitcher delivered the ball.

9 of 9 : Pitch : پھینکنے کا عمل : (noun) the action or manner of throwing something.

Pitch in Book Titles

Queering the Pitch.
Perfect Pitch: The Art of Selling Ideas and Winning New Business.
Hit by Pitch: Ray Chapman, Carl Mays and the Fatal Fastball.
A Pitch of Philosophy: autobiographical exercises.

Useful Words

Abruptly, Dead, Short, Suddenly : اچانک : quickly and without warning. "He stopped suddenly".

Ignite, Light : آگ لگانا : cause to start burning; subject to fire or great heat. "Great heat can ignite almost any dry matter".

Gesticulate, Gesture, Motion : اشارہ کرنا : show, express or direct through movement. "He gestured his desire to leave".

Displace, Move : چیز کو ایک جگہ سے ہٹانا : cause to move or shift into a new position or place, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense. "Move those boxes into the corner, please".

Throw : پھینکنا : propel through the air. "Don`t throw the stones".

Flip, Toss : ٹاس کرنا : the act of flipping a coin.