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Pizza meaning in Urdu

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1) Pizza, Pizza Pie : پیزہ, اٹیلین ڈش پیزا : (noun) Italian open pie made of thin bread dough spread with a spiced mixture of e.g. tomato sauce and cheese.

Who ordered pizza?
I caught him eating pizza.+ More


Useful Words

Pizza Hut : پیزا ہٹ , Za : پیزا , Canape : ٹوسٹ , Mornay Sauce : ایک چٹنی , Mincemeat : قیمہ , Spaghetti : گوندھے ھوئے آٹے کی سویاں , Sourdough : پرانا , Porcupine Ball : ایک قسم کا رول , Flat Bread : چپاتی , Barm : خمیرہ , Putty : ایک قسم کی لبدی , Omelet : پکا ہوا انڈا , Bomber : بڑا سینڈوچ , Espagnole : ایک قسم کی چٹنی , Caramel Bun : شہد والا بن , Splay : پھیلانا , Open : پھیلانا , Spatula : کفچہ , Hoecake : بیلچے پر پکا کیک , Catheter : جسم سے سیال نکالنے کی نلکی , Barbecue Sauce : ایک چٹنی , Unfurl : لپٹی ہوئی حالت سے کہول دینا , Sillabub : مشروب کا رس , Compound Fracture : وہ فریکچر جس میں ہڈی ٹوٹ کر گوشت سے باہر آجاتی ہے , Rolled Biscuit : ایک قسم کے بسکٹ , Pastry : پیسٹری , Madrilene : ٹماٹر کی یخنی , Hot Stuffed Tomato : بھنا ٹماٹر , Cappelletti : پنیر کی بنی ہوئی مربع شکل کی کچوری , Rolling Pin : بیلن , Corn Earworm : مکئی کپاس اور ٹماٹر وں پر لگنے والی سنڈی

Useful Words Definitions

Pizza Hut: Pizza hut is an American food chain founded in 1958, it offers pizza and pasta etc.

Za: Pizza.

Canape: an appetizer consisting usually of a thin slice of bread or toast spread with caviar or cheese or other savory food.

Mornay Sauce: onion-flavored creamy cheese sauce with egg yolk and grated cheese.

Mincemeat: spiced mixture of chopped raisins and apples and other ingredients with or without meat.

Spaghetti: spaghetti served with a tomato sauce.

Sourdough: a leaven of dough in which fermentation is active; used by pioneers for making bread.

Porcupine Ball: meat patties rolled in rice and simmered in a tomato sauce.

Flat Bread: A simple bread made with flour, water, and salt and then thoroughly rolled into flattened dough.

Barm: a commercial leavening agent containing yeast cells; used to raise the dough in making bread and for fermenting beer or whiskey.

Putty: a dough-like mixture of whiting and boiled linseed oil; used especially to patch woodwork or secure panes of glass.

Omelet: beaten eggs or an egg mixture cooked until just set; may be folded around e.g. ham or cheese or jelly.

Bomber: a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and lettuce and condiments); different names are used in different sections of the United States.

Espagnole: brown sauce with tomatoes and a caramelized mixture of minced carrots and onions and celery seasoned with Madeira.

Caramel Bun: rolled dough spread with sugar and nuts then sliced and baked in muffin tins with honey or sugar and butter in the bottom.

Splay: spread open or apart.

Open: spread out or open from a closed or folded state.

Spatula: a hand tool with a thin flexible blade used to mix or spread soft substances.

Hoecake: thin usually unleavened johnnycake made of cornmeal; originally baked on the blade of a hoe over an open fire (southern).

Catheter: a thin flexible tube inserted into the body to permit introduction or withdrawal of fluids or to keep the passageway open.

Barbecue Sauce: spicy sweet and sour sauce usually based on catsup or chili sauce.

Unfurl: unroll, unfold, or spread out or be unrolled, unfolded, or spread out from a furled state.

Sillabub: spiced hot milk with rum or wine.

Compound Fracture: A "compound fracture" occurs when a broken bone penetrates the skin, resulting in an open wound. This condition is also referred to as an open fracture.

Rolled Biscuit: biscuit made from dough rolled and cut.

Pastry: a dough of flour and water and shortening.

Madrilene: a tomato-flavored consomme; often served chilled.

Hot Stuffed Tomato: tomato cases filled with various mixtures and baked briefly.

Cappelletti: small circular or square cases of dough with savory fillings.

Rolling Pin: utensil consisting of a cylinder (usually of wood) with a handle at each end; used to roll out dough.

Corn Earworm: larva of a noctuid moth; highly destructive to especially corn and cotton and tomato crops.

Related Words

Dish : خاص کھانا

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