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1. Play, Drama, Dramatic Play : ڈرامہ - کھیل : (Noun) A dramatic work intended for performance by actors on a stage.

You played a drama.
He wrote several plays but only one was produced on Broadway.

Stage Direction - an instruction written as part of the script of a play.

2. Play : کھیل : (Noun) A preset plan of action in team sports.

The coach drew up the plays for her team.

3. Play, Act, Represent : کردار ادا کرنا : (Verb) Play a role or part.

Gielgud played Hamlet.
She wants to act Lady Macbeth, but she is too young for the role.+ More

Make, Make Believe, Pretend - represent fictitiously, as in a play, or pretend to be or act like.

4. Play, Bid : حاصل کرنے کی کوشش : (Noun) An attempt to get something.

They made a futile play for power.
He made a bid to gain attention.

Attempt, Effort, Endeavor, Endeavour, Try - earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something.

5. Play, Shimmer : ٹمٹمانا - جھلملانا : (Noun) A weak and tremulous light.

The shimmer of colors on iridescent feathers.
The play of light on the water.

Alteration, Change, Modification - an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another.

6. Play, Looseness : کشادگی : (Noun) Movement or space for movement.

There was too much play in the steering wheel.

Movability, Movableness - the quality of being movable; capable of being moved or rearranged.

7. Play, Turn : باری - دام : (Noun) (game) the activity of doing something in an agreed succession.

It`s my turn.
It is still my play.

Game - a contest with rules to determine a winner.

8. Play, Gambling, Gaming : جوا : (Noun) The act of playing for stakes in the hope of winning (including the payment of a price for a chance to win a prize).

His gambling cost him a fortune.
There was heavy play at the blackjack table.

Diversion, Recreation - an activity that diverts or amuses or stimulates.

9. Play, Dally, Trifle : سنجیدگی سے دیحان نہ دینا : (Verb) Consider not very seriously.

He is trifling with her.
She plays with the thought of moving to Tasmania.

Consider, Deal, Look At, Take - take into consideration for exemplifying purposes.

10. Play, Act, Playact, Roleplay : فلم میں کام کرنا - جھوٹ موٹ بننا : (Verb) Perform on a stage or theater.

She acts in this play.
He acted in `Julius Caesar'.+ More

Dramatic Art, Dramatics, Dramaturgy, Theater, Theatre - the art of writing and producing plays.

11. Play, Bring, Make For, Work, Wreak : لانا - کرنا : (Verb) Cause to happen or to occur as a consequence.

I cannot work a miracle.
Wreak havoc.+ More

Create, Make - make or cause to be or to become.

12. Play, Bet, Wager : داو پر لگانا : (Verb) Stake on the outcome of an issue.

I bet $100 on that new horse.
She played all her money on the dark horse.

Gamble - play games for money.

13. Play, Encounter, Meet, Take On : کھیل میں مقابلہ کرنا : (Verb) Contend against an opponent in a sport, game, or battle.

Princeton plays Yale this weekend.
Charlie likes to play Mary.

Compete, Contend, Vie - compete for something; engage in a contest; measure oneself against others.

Action - عمل - something done (usually as opposed to something said); "there were stories of murders and other unnatural actions".

Actor, Histrion, Player, Role Player, Thespian - تھیٹر فنکار - a theatrical performer; "you are truly considered a great histrion".

Dramatic, Spectacular, Striking - دلکش - sensational in appearance or thrilling in effect; "a spectacular scenery".

Performance, Public Presentation - اداکاری - a dramatic or musical entertainment; "they listened to ten different performances".

Architectural Plan, Plan - نقشہ - scale drawing of a structure; "the plans for City Hall were on file".

Athletics, Sport - کھیل - an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition.

Stage, Stagecoach - ایک قسم کی گاڑی جس کو گہوڑے کھینچتے تھے - a large coach-and-four formerly used to carry passengers and mail on regular routes between towns; "we went out of town together by stage about ten or twelve miles".

Squad, Team - ٹیم - a cooperative unit (especially in sports).

Work - کام - activity directed toward making or doing something; "Work done or not?".

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