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Pleasure Ground meaning in Urdu

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Pleasure Ground Definitions

1) Pleasure Ground, Amusement Park, Funfair : تفریحی پارک : (noun) a commercially operated park with stalls and shows for amusement.


Useful Words

Grin : مسکراہٹ , Scenic Railway : تفریحی ریل , Cruise Liner : تفریحی بحری جہاز , Big Dipper : تفریحی پارک میں لگی ہوئی ریل , Bask : محظوظ ہونا , Unwelcome : جس کے آنے سے خوشی نہ ہو , Antic : انوکھا عمل , Pet : پالتو جانور , Straight Face : بے رونق چہرہ , Carousel : گہومنے والی مشین , Enjoy : پسند ہونا , Excursion : تفریحی سفر کرنا , Gladfulness : خوشی , Epicurean : لذیذ , Holidaymaker : سیاح , Delectation : لطف اندوزی کا عمل , Killjoy : بدمزگی پھیلانے والا , Hawaii Volcanoes National Park : ہوائی کا پارک , Pleasantness : خوش نمائی , Boating : کشتی میں بحری سفر , Jaunt : سیر کرنا , Cruise : بحری سفر , Enjoyable : پرلطف , Corinthian : وہ جس کا دماغ تفری میں لگتا ہو , Attracter : کشش کا باعث , Liking : رغبت , Stoicism : بے حسی , Heartwarming : پر مسرت , Pleasing : اطمینان بخشنا , Delight : خوش کرنا , Sadist : ایذا پسند

Useful Words Definitions

Grin: a facial expression characterized by turning up the corners of the mouth; usually shows pleasure or amusement.

Scenic Railway: small railway in an amusement park.

Cruise Liner: a passenger ship used commercially for pleasure cruises.

Big Dipper: an amusement ride typically found in theme parks and amusement parks. It consists of a track with steep drops, sharp turns, and sometimes inversions, designed to provide thrilling and exciting experiences for riders. Roller coasters are known for their fast speeds, sudden changes in direction, and various elements that create sensations of weightlessness and excitement.

Bask: derive or receive pleasure from; get enjoyment from; take pleasure in.

Unwelcome: not welcome; not giving pleasure or received with pleasure.

Antic: a ludicrous or grotesque act done for fun and amusement.

Pet: a domesticated animal kept for companionship or amusement.

Straight Face: a serious facial expression giving no evidence of interest or amusement.

Carousel: a large, rotating machine with seats for children to ride or amusement.

Enjoy: get pleasure from.

Excursion: a journey taken for pleasure.

Gladfulness: experiencing joy and pleasure.

Epicurean: devoted to pleasure.

Holidaymaker: someone who travels for pleasure.

Delectation: act of receiving pleasure from something.

Killjoy: someone who spoils the pleasure of others.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: a national park in Hawaii featuring active volcanoes.

Pleasantness: the quality of giving pleasure.

Boating: water travel for pleasure.

Jaunt: make a trip for pleasure.

Cruise: an ocean trip taken for pleasure.

Enjoyable: affording satisfaction or pleasure.

Corinthian: a man devoted to the pursuit of pleasure.

Attracter: a characteristic that provides pleasure and attracts.

Liking: a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment.

Stoicism: an indifference to pleasure or pain.

Heartwarming: causing gladness and pleasure.

Pleasing: giving pleasure and satisfaction.

Delight: give pleasure to or be pleasing to.

Sadist: someone who obtains pleasure from inflicting pain or others.

Related Words

Common : پارک

Close Words

Pleasure : خوشی , Pleasure Seeker : لذت پسند

Close Words Definitions

Pleasure: a fundamental feeling that is hard to define but that people desire to experience.

Pleasure Seeker: someone motivated by desires for sensual pleasures.

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