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Plundering meaning in Urdu

Plundering Sentence

The plundering of the Parthenon.

Plundering Synonyms


Plundering Definitions

1 of 2) Plundering, Pillage, Pillaging : لوٹ کھسوٹ, لوٹ مار : (noun) the act of stealing valuable things from a place.

His plundering of the great authors.

2 of 2) Plundering : لوٹ : (satellite adjective) given to taking by force what is desired.

Useful Words

Marauding : لوٹ مار کرنے والا , Banditry : ڈاکہ , Plunderage : لوٹنے کا عمل , Relieve : چوری سے حاصل کرنا , Heist : ڈاکہ ڈالنے کا عمل , Carjack : گاڑی چوری ہونا , Shoplifting : دکان میں چوری کا عمل , Fair : حلال رزق , Dishonesty : بد معاشی , Light-Fingered : پھرتیلی انگلیوں والا , Pilferage : چوری کرنے کا عمل , Vagrancy : خانہ بدوشی , Asset : اثاثہ , Good : بھلا , Swag : مال , Migrant : مہاجر , Ineptitude : ناقابلیت , Topology : علم مقامات , Retreat : پناہ گاہ , Gipsy : خانہ بدوش , Ore : کچی دھات , Worth : اوقات , Den : اڈا , Navigation : رہبری , Hawk : جگہ جگہ بیچنا , Prospect : کوئی قیمتی شے دریافت کرنا , Placer : رکھنے والا , Worthwhile : کار آمد , Agropyron Smithii : ایک نایاب اور قیمتی امریکی گھاس , Hickory : ہکوری کی لکڑی , Drag : قیمتی اشیاء ڈہونڈنا

Useful Words Definitions

Marauding: characterized by plundering or pillaging or marauding.

Banditry: the practice of plundering in gangs.

Plunderage: the act of plundering (especially the embezzlement of goods on shipboard).

Relieve: take by stealing.

Heist: the act of stealing.

Carjack: take someone's car from him by force, usually with the intention of stealing it.

Shoplifting: the act of stealing goods that are on display in a store.

Fair: gained or earned without cheating or stealing.

Dishonesty: lack of honesty; acts of lying or cheating or stealing.

Light-Fingered: having nimble fingers literally or figuratively; especially for stealing or picking pockets.

Pilferage: the act of stealing small amounts or small articles.

Vagrancy: the state of wandering from place to place; having no permanent home or means of livelihood.

Asset: a useful or valuable quality.

Good: that which is pleasing or valuable or useful.

Swag: valuable goods.

Migrant: habitually moving from place to place especially in search of seasonal work.

Ineptitude: having no qualities that would render it valuable or useful.

Topology: topographic study of a given place (especially the history of the place as indicated by its topography).

Retreat: a place of privacy; a place affording peace and quiet.

Gipsy: a laborer who moves from place to place as demanded by employment.

Ore: a mineral that contains metal that is valuable enough to be mined.

Worth: the quality that renders something desirable or valuable or useful.

Den: a hiding place; usually a remote place used by outlaws.

Navigation: the guidance of ships or airplanes from place to place.

Hawk: sell or offer for sale from place to place.

Prospect: explore for useful or valuable things or substances, such as minerals.

Placer: an alluvial deposit that contains particles of some valuable mineral.

Worthwhile: sufficiently valuable to justify the investment of time or interest.

Agropyron Smithii: valuable forage grass of western United States.

Hickory: valuable tough heavy hardwood from various hickory trees.

Drag: search (as the bottom of a body of water) for something valuable or lost.

Related Words

Aggression : جارحیت , Rape : غارت گری , Despoilation : لوٹ مار , Acquisitive : املاک یا علم کا شوق رکھنے والا

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