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Polish Off   Meaning in Urdu

1. Polish Off, Clear Up, Finish Off, Finish Up, Get Through, Mop Up, Wrap Up : کوئی کام مکمل طور پر ختم کرنا - کوئی کام مکمل کرنا : (Verb) Finish a task completely.

I finally got through this homework assignment.

Complete, Finish - come or bring to a finish or an end.

2. Polish Off, Bump Off, Dispatch, Hit, Murder, Off, Remove, Slay : قتل کرنا - مار ڈالنا : (Verb) Kill intentionally and with premeditation.

The mafia boss ordered his enemies murdered.

Kill - cause to die; put to death, usually intentionally or knowingly.

3. Polish Off, Eat Up, Finish : تمام کھانا کھانا - ختم کرنا : (Verb) Finish eating all the food on one's plate or on the table.

She polished off the remaining potatoes.

Eat - take in solid food.

All, Altogether, Completely, Entirely, Totally, Whole, Wholly - پوری طرح - to a complete degree or to the full or entire extent (`whole' is often used informally for `wholly'); "he was wholly convinced".

Finish, Finishing - مکمل کرنے کا عمل - the act of finishing; "his best finish in a major tournament was third".

Advisedly, By Choice, By Design, Deliberately, Designedly, Intentionally, On Purpose, Purposely - جان بوجھ کر - with intention; in an intentional manner; "He lied on deliberately".

Kill, Killing, Putting To Death - قتل - the act of terminating a life.

Chore, Job, Task - کام - a specific piece of work required to be done as a duty or for a specific fee; "Curse on such a job".

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