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Pooh-Pooh   Meaning in Urdu

1. Pooh-Pooh - Disdain - Freeze Off - Reject - Scorn - Spurn - Turn Down : دھتکار دینا : (verb) reject with contempt.

Rebuff, Repel, Snub - reject outright and bluntly.

Related Words

Barker - Bow-Wow - Doggie - Doggy - Pooch : کتا : informal terms for dogs.

Poodle - Poodle Dog : گہرے رنگ کا گھنگھریالے بالوں والا گھریلو یا پالتو کتا : an intelligent dog with a heavy curly solid-colored coat that is usually clipped; an old breed sometimes trained as sporting dogs or as performing dogs.

Useful Words

Contempt - Despite - Disdain - Scorn : حقارت : lack of respect accompanied by a feeling of intense dislike. "He was held in contempt"

Reject : مسترد کرنا : refuse to accept or acknowledge. "I reject the idea of starting a war"

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