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1. پسندیدگی Pasandedgi مقبولیت Maqbuliat : Popularisation Vulgarisation Vulgarization Popularization : (noun) the act of making something attractive to the general public.

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The Popularization of Mathematics.
The Popularization of Medicine.

Useful Words

Act Deed Human Action Human Activity : کام Kam : something that people do or cause to happen. "Whose act is this?"

Attractive : دل کش Dil Kash : pleasing to the eye or mind especially through beauty or charm. "A remarkably attractive young man"

Full General General : اعلی افسر Aala Afsar : a general officer of the highest rank.

Devising Fashioning Making : بنانے کا عمل Banane Ka Amal : the act that results in something coming to be. "The devising of plans"

Public : عوامی Awami : not private; open to or concerning the people as a whole. "The public good"

Something : کوئی چیز Koi Cheez : An undetermined or unspecified thing. "Lets have something"

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