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Postal meaning in Urdu

Postal Sentence

Postal delivery.

Postal Definitions

1) Postal : ڈاک خانے سے ڈاک لیجانے سے متعلق : (adjective) of or relating to the system for delivering mail.


Useful Words

Third Class : تیسرا درجہ , Postmark : نشان ڈاک , Get Off : خط بھیجنا , Parcel Post : پارسل ڈاک , Local Post Office : ڈاک خانہ , Mail : ڈاک بیجھنا , Postage : ڈاک ٹکٹ , Bringing : دینا , Express : تیز ترسیل , Nervous : اعصابی نظام سے متعلق , Delivery : بچہ جننا , Urinary : پیشاب سے متعلق , Mercantile : معیشت سے متعلق , Boot : لات , Jurisprudential : فلسفہ قانون سے متعلق , Autonomic : بے ساختہ , Oral Presentation : عوامی فن تقریر , Redemption : بچاو کا عمل , Delivery Truck : ایک چھوٹا ٹرک , Address : خطاب , Economic : معاشیاتی , Moralise : اکتا دینے والی , Send In : روانہ کرنا , Air Mail : ہوائی ڈاک , Aerogram : ہوائی ڈاک سے بھیجا جانے والا خط , Carrier : ڈاکیا , Letter Box : ڈاک کا خاص ڈبہ , Addressed : جس پر پتہ درج ہو , Mail Boat : ڈاک لے جانے والی کشتی , Letter Box : لیٹر بکس , Maildrop : وہ جگہ جہاں ڈاک یا خط جمع ہوتے ہیں

Useful Words Definitions

Third Class: mail consisting of printed matter qualifying for reduced postal rates.

Postmark: a cancellation mark stamped on mail by postal officials; indicates the post office and date of mailing.

Get Off: send via the postal service.

Parcel Post: postal service that handles packages.

Local Post Office: a local branch where postal services are available.

Mail: The parcels of letters and packages conveyed by the postal service.

Postage: a small adhesive token stuck on a letter or package to indicate that that postal fees have been paid.

Bringing: the act of delivering or distributing something (as goods or mail).

Express: mail that is distributed by a rapid and efficient system.

Nervous: of or relating to the nervous system.

Delivery: the act of delivering a child.

Urinary: of or relating to the urinary system of the body.

Mercantile: of or relating to the economic system of mercantilism.

Boot: the act of delivering a blow with the foot.

Jurisprudential: relating to the science or philosophy of law or a system of laws.

Autonomic: relating to or controlled by the autonomic nervous system.

Oral Presentation: delivering an address to a public audience.

Redemption: (theology) the act of delivering from sin or saving from evil.

Delivery Truck: a van suitable for delivering goods or services to customers.

Address: the act of delivering a formal spoken communication to an audience.

Economic: of or relating to an economy, the system of production and management of material wealth.

Moralise: speak as if delivering a sermon; express moral judgements.

Send In: mail in; cause to be delivered.

Air Mail: mail that is sent by air transport.

Aerogram: a letter sent by air mail.

Carrier: a man who delivers the mail.

Letter Box: a private box for delivery of mail.

Addressed: (of mail) marked with a destination.

Mail Boat: a boat for carrying mail.

Letter Box: public box for deposit of mail.

Maildrop: a drop where mail can be deposited.

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