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Poster meaning in Urdu

Poster Sentence

A poster advertised the coming attractions.

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Poster Definitions

1 of 2) Poster, Bill, Card, Notice, Placard, Posting : اعلان نامہ, اشتہار : (noun) a sign posted in a public place as an advertisement.

2 of 2) Poster, Post Horse, Post-Horse : ڈاک تقسیم کرنے والا گہوڑا : (noun) a horse kept at an inn or post house for use by mail carriers or for rent to travelers.

Useful Words

Post : اشاعت کرنا , Show Bill : کا غذ کا اشتہار , Ad Agency : تشہیری ایجنسی , Proclamation : باضابطہ اعلان , Boodle : تاش جوئے کا ایک کھیل , Transit : عبور کرنا , Placard : اشتہار نامہ , Amble : آرام آرام سے چہل قدمی , Cuspidor : اگالدان , Church : عیسائیوں کی عبادت گاہ , Busk : گا بجا کر پیسے مانگنا , Card Shark : پتے باز , Usance : ادئیگی کی میعاد , Sign : اشتہار تختہ , Agoraphobia : کھلی جگہ کا خوف , Want Ad : اخبارات میں ضرورت ہے کا کالم , Bill : تشہیر , Preview : فلم کا اشتہار , Advertorial : لکھا ہوا اشتہار , Washroom : بیت الخلا , Ticket : کاغذ کا پرز , In Public : عوامی انداز میں , Welfare State : فلاحی ریاست , Noteworthy : قابل ذکر , Notable : قابل قدر , Mark : دھیان دینا , Insignificant : حقیر , Noticer : نوٹس لینے والا , Acquirer : تاجروں کو تجارتی قرضے دینے والا بینک , Patent : عیاں کرنا , Ostentatious : پر نمود

Useful Words Definitions

Post: publicize with, or as if with, a poster.

Show Bill: a poster advertising a show or play.

Ad Agency: an agency that designs advertisement to call public attention to its clients.

Proclamation: the formal act of proclaiming; giving public notice.

Boodle: a gambling card game in which chips are placed on the ace and king and queen and jack of separate suits (taken from a separate deck); a player plays the lowest card of a suit in his hand and successively higher cards are played until the sequence stops; the player who plays a card matching one in the layout wins all the chips on that card.

Transit: pass across (a sign or house of the zodiac) or pass across (the disk of a celestial body or the meridian of a place).

Placard: post in a public place.

Amble: a leisurely walk (usually in some public place).

Cuspidor: a receptacle for spit (usually in a public place).

Church: a place for public (especially Christian) worship.

Busk: play music in a public place and solicit money for it.

Card Shark: a professional card player who makes a living by cheating at card games.

Usance: the period of time permitted by commercial usage for the payment of a bill of exchange (especially a foreign bill of exchange).

Sign: structure displaying a board on which advertisements can be posted.

Agoraphobia: a morbid fear of open spaces (as fear of being caught alone in some public place).

Want Ad: a newspaper advertisement stating what is wanted.

Bill: an advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution.

Preview: an advertisement consisting of short scenes from a motion picture that will appear in the near future.

Advertorial: an advertisement that is written and presented in the style of an editorial or journalistic report.

Washroom: a lavatory (particularly a lavatory in a public place).

Ticket: a commercial document showing that the holder is entitled to something (as to ride on public transportation or to enter a public entertainment).

In Public: something is done, expressed, or conducted in a manner that is observable or accessible to the public. It indicates that an action or statement is done openly or in a public setting, without secrecy or privacy..

Welfare State: a government that undertakes responsibility for the welfare of its citizens through programs in public health and public housing and pensions and unemployment compensation etc..

Noteworthy: worthy of notice.

Notable: worthy of notice.

Mark: notice or perceive.

Insignificant: not worthy of notice.

Noticer: someone who takes notice.

Acquirer: a credit card processing bank; merchants receive credit for credit card receipts less a processing fee.

Patent: make open to sight or notice.

Ostentatious: intended to attract notice and impress others.

Related Words

Equus Caballus : گھوڑا

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