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1) Potentate, Dictator : آمر حاکم, حکمران, سلطان : (noun) a ruler who is unconstrained by law.

Related : Swayer : a person who rules or commands. Tyrant : a cruel and oppressive dictator. Hitler : German Nazi dictator during World War II (1889-1945).

Useful Words

Absolutism, Authoritarianism, Caesarism, Despotism, Dictatorship, Monocracy, One-Man Rule, Shogunate, Stalinism, Totalitarianism, Tyranny : مطلق العنانی : a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.). "Authoritarianism in pakistan".

Hitlerian : ہٹلر کی طرح کا : of or relating to or suggestive of Adolf Hitler or his Nazi regime in Germany. "He has a very Hitlerian face".

German Nazi, Nazi : جرمنی کی سوشلسٹ پارٹی کا رکن : a German member of National Socialist German Workers` Party its leader was Adolf Hitler`s. "Nazi group has ended".

Dynast : حاکم : a hereditary ruler.

Female Monarch, Queen, Queen Regnant : حکمران عورت : a female sovereign ruler.

Emperor : شہنشاہ : the male ruler of an empire. "A tyrant emperor".

Imperial, Majestic, Purple, Regal, Royal : شاندار : belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler. "Golden age of imperial splendor".

King, Male Monarch, Rex : بادشاہ : a male sovereign; ruler of a kingdom. "King of middle east".

Queen Regent : ملکہ کی قائم مقام : a queen who serves as ruler when the king cannot.

Yard Measure, Yardstick : ایک گز کا فٹا : a ruler or tape that is three feet long.

Hakim : حاکم : a Muslim ruler or governor or judge.

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