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1 of 4) Powerful, Mightily, Mighty, Right : نہایت, بہت : (adverb) (Southern regional intensive) very; to a great degree.

He registered a complain against a political party but police didn`t take action on it because this part as a powerful influence on the government.
It is powerful humid.+ More

Related : Intensive : a modifier that has little meaning except to intensify the meaning it modifies.


2 of 4) Powerful, Potent : قوی, با اختیار : (satellite adjective) having great influence.

Related : Influential : having or exercising influence or power.

3 of 4) Powerful, Brawny, Hefty, Muscular, Sinewy : ہٹا کٹا, طاقتور : (satellite adjective) (of a person) possessing physical strength and weight; rugged and powerful.

Powerful arms.

Related : Strong : having strength or power greater than average or expected.

4 of 4) Powerful, Herculean : بہت طاقتور : (satellite adjective) displaying superhuman strength or power.

Related : Superhuman : above or beyond the human or demanding more than human power or endurance.

Useful Words

All-Powerful, Almighty, Omnipotent : قادر مطلق : having unlimited power. "Almighty Allah says in Quran".

Right Smart, Way : بہت : to a great degree or by a great distance; very much (`right smart' is regional in the United States). "Way over budget".

Ascendant, Ascendent, Dominating : اہم : most powerful or important or influential. "The economically ascendant class".

Hydrogen Peroxide, Peroxide : کسی چیز سے رنگ چھڑانہ : a viscous liquid with strong oxidizing properties; a powerful bleaching agent; also used (in aqueous solutions) as a mild disinfectant and (in strong concentrations) as an oxidant in rocket fuels. "Hydrogen peroxide for teeth cleaning".

Obsessed, Possessed : جذبے کے زیر اثر : influenced or controlled by a powerful force such as a strong emotion. "By love possessed".

Sorely : شدت سے : to a great degree. "You will be sorely missed by me".

Widely : وسیع دائرے میں : to a great degree. "Her work is widely known".

Considerably, Substantially, Well : بہت : to a great extent or degree. "I'm afraid the film was well over budget".

A Good Deal, A Great Deal, A Lot, Lots, Much, Very Much : بہت : to a very great degree or extent. "My hands shake a lot".

So : بہت : to a very great extent or degree. "The idea is so obvious".

Sharp : اچانک : very sudden and in great amount or degree. "A sharp drop in the stock market".

Immensely, Vastly : لامحدود طور پر : to an exceedingly great extent or degree. "He had vastly overestimated his resources".

African Hunting Dog, Cape Hunting Dog, Hyena Dog, Lycaon Pictus : افریقی شکاری کتا : a powerful doglike mammal of southern and eastern Africa that hunts in large packs; now rare in settled area.

Heavy : بھاری : unusually great in degree or quantity or number. "Heavy taxes".

Choke : سانس روکنا : breathe with great difficulty, as when experiencing a strong emotion. "She choked with emotion when she spoke about her deceased husband".

Far : دور : located at a great distance in time or space or degree. "He has gone far away".

Brobdingnagian, Huge, Immense, Vast : دیو ہیکل : unusually great in size or amount or degree or especially extent or scope. "Ali was an illiterate guy but he has gone to Europe by paying a huge amount of money".

Less : کم : (comparative of `little' usually used with mass nouns) a quantifier meaning not as great in amount or degree. "Of less importance".

Marvellously, Marvelously, Superbly, Terrifically, Toppingly, Wonderfully, Wondrous, Wondrously : شانداری سے : (used as an intensifier) extremely well. "Her voice is superbly disciplined".

Ever, Ever So : بہت زیادہ : (intensifier for adjectives) very. "She was ever so friendly".

Pawn : شطرنج : (chess) the least powerful piece; moves only forward and captures only to the side; it can be promoted to a more powerful piece if it reaches the 8th rank.

Cursed, Curst : لعنتی : deserving a curse; sometimes used as an intensifier. "Villagers shun the area believing it to be cursed".

Literally : بالکل : (intensifier before a figurative expression) without exaggeration. "Our eyes were literally pinned to TV during the Gulf War".

Unmitigated : پکا : not diminished or moderated in intensity or severity; sometimes used as an intensifier. "Unmitigated suffering".

Calm Down, Lull : شدت میں کمی ہونا : become quiet or less intensive. "The fighting lulled for a moment".

Even : بھی : used as an intensive especially to indicate something unexpected. "Even an idiot knows that".

Intensively : شدت سے : in an intensive manner. "He studied the snake intensively".

Regionally : مقامی طور پر : in a regional manner. "Regionally governed".

Either : بھی : after a negative statement used as an intensive meaning something like `likewise` or `also`. "He isn`t stupid, but he isn`t exactly a genius either".

Devolution, Devolvement : انتقال اقتدار : the delegation of authority (especially from a central to a regional government).

Critter : پالتو جانور : a regional term for `creature' (especially for domestic animals).

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