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Aromatise : خوشبو سے بھر دینا , Medicate : علاج کرنا , Aerate : ہوا دینا , Coldcock : مار گرانا , Kayo : مکا مار کر بےہوش کردینا , Bump : ٹکرانا , Tapping : کھٹ کھٹ کی آواز , Inoculate : بیماری سے تحفظ کی دوا ڈالنا , Bear : حمل اٹھانا , Gravida : حاملہ عورت , Conceive : حاملہ ہونا , Gravida I : پہلی دفعہ حاملہ ہونے والی خاتون , Conception : حاملہ ہونے کا عمل , Pregnancy Test : حمل کا پتا لگانے کا ٹیسٹ , Infertility : بانجھ پن , Hockey : برفانی ہاکی , False Pregnancy : کسی ایسی عورت میں حمل کی جملہ علامات ہونا جو یہ سمجھتی ہو کہ اسے حمل ہے مگر اس کو حمل نہ ہو , Gestation : امومت , Honest Woman : حاملہ بیوی , Pregnanediol : پروجیسٹرون سے بولی اخراج پروڈکٹ , Acquired Immunity : جراثیم کے خلاف مدافعت , Make : بنانا , Pregnant : حاملہ

Useful Words Definitions

Aromatise: fill or impregnate with an odor.

Medicate: impregnate with a medicinal substance.

Aerate: impregnate, combine, or supply with oxygen.

Coldcock: knock down with force.

Kayo: knock unconscious or senseless.

Bump: knock against with force or violence.

Tapping: the sound of light blow or knock.

Inoculate: impregnate with the virus or germ of a disease in order to render immune.

Bear: be pregnant with.

Gravida: a pregnant woman.

Conceive: become pregnant; undergo conception.

Gravida I: (obstetrics) a woman who is pregnant for the first time.

Conception: the act of becoming pregnant; fertilization of an ovum by a spermatozoon.

Pregnancy Test: a physiological test to determine whether a woman is pregnant.

Infertility: the state of being unable to produce offspring; in a woman it is an inability to conceive; in a man it is an inability to impregnate.

Hockey: a game played on an ice rink by two opposing teams of six skaters each who try to knock a flat round puck into the opponents` goal with angled sticks.

False Pregnancy: physiological state in which a woman exhibits symptoms of pregnancy but is not pregnant.

Gestation: the state of being pregnant; the period from conception to birth when a woman carries a developing fetus in her uterus.

Honest Woman: a wife who has married a man with whom she has been living for some time (especially if she is pregnant at the time).

Pregnanediol: a compound found in women's urine during certain phases of the menstrual cycle and in the urine of pregnant women.

Acquired Immunity: immunity to a particular disease that is not innate but has been acquired during life; immunity can be acquired by the development of antibodies after an attack of an infectious disease or by a pregnant mother passing antibodies through the placenta to a fetus or by vaccination.

Make: act in a certain way so as to acquire.

Pregnant: carrying developing offspring within the body or being about to produce new life.

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Fecundate : کسی مادہ کے اندر منی ڈالنا

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