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Preoccupy 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

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1 of 2. پہلے سے قبضہ کر لینا Pehle Se Qabza Kar Lena : Preoccupy : (verb) engage or engross the interest or attention of beforehand or occupy urgently or obsessively.

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2 of 2. پہلے قابض ہونا Pehle Qabiz Hona : Preoccupy : (verb) occupy or take possession of beforehand or before another or appropriate for use in advance.

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Useful Words

Advance Go On March On Move On Pass On Progress : آگے بڑھنا Agay Barhna : move forward, also in the metaphorical sense. "Move on"

Another Some Other : کسی اور Kisi Or : any of various alternatives; some other. "Another day off"

Appropriate : مناسب Munasib : suitable for a particular person or place or condition etc. "Which one is more appropriate?"

Attending Attention : توجہ Tawaja : the process whereby a person concentrates on some features of the environment to the (relative) exclusion of others. "Attention please"

Before Earlier : پہلے Pehle : earlier in time; previously. "I have never seen you before"

Ahead Beforehand In Advance : قبل از وقت Qabal Az Waqt : ahead of time; in anticipation. "When you pay ahead (or in advance) you receive a discount"

Affiance Betroth Engage Plight : منگنی کرنا Mangni Karna : give to in marriage. "They have got engaged"

Absorb Engross Engulf Immerse Plunge Soak Up Steep : وقف کرنا Waqf Karna : devote (oneself) fully to. "He immersed himself into his studies"

Interest Involvement : دلچسپی Dilchaspi : a sense of concern with and curiosity about someone or something. "An interest in music"

Compulsively Obsessionally Obsessively : مجبوراً Majboran : in a compulsive manner. "Compulsively I had to go"

Busy Occupy : مصروف کرنا Masroof Karna : keep busy with. "She busies herself with her butterfly collection"

Ownership Possession : ملکیت Malkiat : the act of having and controlling property.

Conduct Direct Guide Lead Take : لے جانا Lay Jana : take somebody somewhere. "Lead me somewhere"

Desperately Urgently : فوری طور پر Fori Tor Par : with great urgency. "Health care reform is needed urgently"

Apply Employ Use Utilise Utilize : استعمال کرنا Estamal Karna : put into service; make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose. "Use your head!"

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