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Pricking meaning in Urdu

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1) Pricking, Prick : سوراخ کرنا, چھید کرنا : (noun) the act of puncturing with a small point.

Useful Words

Tangent : مماسی : a straight line or plane that touches a curve or curved surface at a point but does not intersect it at that point.

Vertex : راس : the point of intersection of lines or the point opposite the base of a figure.

Goatee : کچی ڈاڑھی : a small chin beard trimmed to a point; named for its resemblance to a goat`s beard.

Circle : دائرہ : ellipse in which the two axes are of equal length; a plane curve generated by one point moving at a constant distance from a fixed point. "He calculated the circumference of the circle".

Sbw, South By West : جنوب بہ مغرب : the compass point that is one point west of due south.

Sbe, South By East : جنوب سمت نما پر نقطہ : the compass point that is one point east of due south.

Sebe, Southeast By East : جنوب مشرق کے ایک درجہ مشرق کو ظاہر کرتا ھے : the compass point that is one point east of southeast.

Sebs, Southeast By South : جنوب مشرق کا ایک درجہ جنوب : the compass point that is one point south of southeast.

Southwest By West, Swbw : جنوب مغرب سے ایک درجہ مغرب : the compass point that is one point west of southwest.

Flourish, Fly High, Prosper, Thrive : بڑھنا : make steady progress; be at the high point in one`s career or reach a high point in historical significance or importance. "Your idea will prosper soon".

Landmark : امتیازی نشان : an anatomical structure used as a point of origin in locating other anatomical structures (as in surgery) or as point from which measurements can be taken.

Celsius Scale, Centigrade Scale, International Scale : سنٹی گریڈ : a temperature scale that defines the freezing point of water as 0 degrees and the boiling point of water as 100 degrees.

Centigrade : سینٹی گریڈ : of or relating to a temperature scale on which the freezing point of water is 0 degrees and the boiling point of water is 100 degrees.

Pointless, Unpointed : جس کا کوئی نشان نہ ہو : not having a point especially a sharp point. "My pencils are all pointless".

Plantain : اسپغول : any of numerous plants of the genus Plantago; mostly small roadside or dooryard weeds with elliptic leaves and small spikes of very small flowers; seeds of some used medicinally. "Plantain plant".

Tamarisk : نوکیلے پتوں والی چھاڑی : any shrub or small tree of the genus Tamarix having small scalelike or needle-shaped leaves and feathery racemes of small white or pinkish flowers; of mostly coastal areas with saline soil.

Pointed : نوک دار : having a point.

Continuously : مستقل : at every point. "The function is continuously differentiable".

Crux, Crux Of The Matter : کلیدی نکتہ : the most important point.

Equidistant : ہم فاصلہ : the same distance apart at every point.

Instant, Minute, Moment, Second : لمحہ : a particular point in time. "The moment he arrived the party began".

Call Attention, Point Out, Signalise, Signalize : توجہ دلانا : point out carefully and clearly.

Nib, Pen Nib : قلم کی نوک : the writing point of a pen.

In Extremis : موت کے کنارے پر : at the point of death.

Point, Sharpen, Taper : نوک بنانا : give a point to. "The candles are tapered".

Bottom Line : فیصلہ کن چیز : the decisive point. "The bottom line is, i love you".

Bottom Out : گر جانا : reach the low point. "Prices bottomed out and started to rise again after a while".

Acme, Apex, Peak, Vertex : نقطہ عروج : the highest point (of something). "At the peak of the pyramid".

By, Past : پاس سے : so as to pass a given point. "Every hour a train goes past".

Pinpoint : سوئی کی نوک : the sharp point of a pin.

Far : حد تک : at or to a certain point or degree. "I can only go so far before I have to give up".

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